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Somerset Online
Ames, Chrystal
Cannell, Julian
Cannell, Zoe
Cooper, Rex
Cooper, Tony
Delaney, India
Delaney, Robert
Grant, Ben
Grant, Ellen
Kurtz, Ginger
Kurtz, Leo
Lawrence, Eve
Lucas, Lahoma
Lucas, Sam
Moore, Andrea
Paisley, Ned
Paisley, Vickie
Paris, Virgil
Thornton, Kate

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Dedicated to the venerable crime/mystery serial

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Lois Smith as Zoe Cannell             LOIS SMITH

as Zoe Matson Cannell

Daughter of gold-digging Philip Matson, Zoe Cannell lived in the Moore family mansion with husband Julian. Though neurotic as hell, she seemed harmless enough but was in fact a demented murderess intent on eliminating anyone who demonstrated an interest in her husband.

Convinced that stepsister Andrea Moore wanted Julian for herself, Zoe tricked her stepmother's aunt into feeding Andrea small doses of arsenic. When the plot ultimately failed, Zoe lured her rival to an isolated cabin in the mountains, pulled a gun, and threatened to shoot her. The plan went awry when Zoe's brother Carter made a well-timed arrival and was shot to death while attempting to save Andrea.

Horrified to realize she had killed her own brother, Zoe ended up confined to an asylum for the criminally insane. Fratricide notwithstanding, she later busted out of the sanitarium, made her way back to Somerset, and managed to knock off Julian's new girlfriend Chrystal Ames before finally being captured again. She was nothing if not tenacious.

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