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June 14-18, 1976:
Jill attempted to play matchmaker for Carrie by inviting Steve over, but Carrie continued to resent Steve for taking Greg's place. Vickie won a small battle by persuading Julian to go on a tennis date with her. Luke was injured in a fall, but doctors could not assess how much damage may have been done to his spine.

June 21-25, 1976:
Julian told Steve and Carrie to bury their private war because they will be covering the trial of the men responsible for Greg's death. Steve is convinced organized crime is at work in Somerset. Someone broke into Carrie's apartment and planted an electronic bug. After learning the surgeon recommended for Tony's heart surgery is in California, Tony and Ginger decided to move there with Rex. Julian met intriguing interviewer Avis Ryan, who is in Somerset to cover the arson trial.

June 28-July 2, 1976:
Ellen was a constant visitor to Luke, who began to recuperate under Jerry's care. Carrie found a dead sparrow in her handbag. Steve feared that Carrie is in mortal danger since she was a witness to Gammidge's deathbed confession. Vickie grew jealous of Avis' influence over Julian. Steve and Julian speculated that Greg's papers may contain evidence that would identify the head of The Organization, and Carrie may not realize she has the evidence.

July 5-9, 1976:
Nurse Fellowes, who witnessed Gammidge's confession with Carrie, suddenly disappeared. Carrie was subpoenaed to testify at the arson trial, and then she received a note warning her that she is the only prosecution witness left and had better forget anything she knows. Avis announced she intends to remain in Somerset. Luke confided to Terri that he wants to marry Ellen and make a family with her and Brian.

July 12-16, 1976:
Avis told Julian that the network was impressed with their news demo and promised Julian a job as her co-anchorman. After Jill heard clicking noises on the telephone receiver, David discovered the bug in her and Carrie's apartment. Carrie received anonymous phone threats, discouraging her from testifying. While attempting to retrieve Greg's papers for safekeeping, Steve was assaulted.

July 19-23, 1976:
The D.A. formed a Committee for Public Safety to evaluate the extent of criminal infiltration in Somerset. The committee learned that Carrie's testimony and Gammidge's taped confession will be the prosecution's principal evidence, but later, an explosion in the D.A.'s office all but destroyed the tape. Steve and Julian insisted upon police protection and 24-hour surveillance after Carrie was nearly killed by a hit-and-run driver in front of the Somerset Register.

July 26-30, 1976:
Vickie asked Dan to help her keep Julian in Somerset. He refused and suggested she use her feminine powers of persuasion. A shot was fired at Steve, who found a hitman in the hall outside Carrie's apartment despite police surveillance. Steve persuaded Carrie to disappear with him to a safe hiding place. Heather arrived at Carrie's apartment for a visit and was mistakenly pushed down a flight of stairs by a mob assassin. A comatose Heather was rushed into surgery for an emergency Cesarean. Terrified by Heather's attack, Tom phoned The Organization and wanted out.

August 2-6, 1976:
Heather survived the operation for a subdural hematoma, but miscarried her unborn child. The Organization threatened Tom with disbarment if he doesn’t locate Carrie quickly. At the hideout, Steve questioned Carrie about the day Greg died in hope that she might subconsciously have information about "Mr. Big" that she isn't remembering. Avis continued into insinuate herself in Julian's life and drive a wedge between him and Vickie.

August 9-13, 1976:
Heather briefly opened her eyes. Jerry remained confident that Heather will recover, and they can have other children. Carrie and Steve fled their hideout as the mob descended upon them, but they were separated in the melee. After Julian told a jealous Vickie that he is bored with her jealousy and tantrums, she made plans to leave Somerset. Nurse Fellowes' body was discovered, and Carrie's shoe was found floating in the lake. When Steve emerged without Carrie, Lieutenant Price arrested him as an accessory in Carrie’s disappearance, but Tom bailed him out of jail. Julian fired Steve from The Register when Lt. Price insinuated that Steve handed Carrie over to The Organization to save his own life.

August 16-20, 1976:
Heather came out of the coma, and Jerry broke the news to her that their baby didn't survive the attack. Julian refused Avis' offer to spend the night with him, but Vickie assumed she did. Dan learned that Avis lied about the network's offer of an anchorman position to Julian. Avis admitted to Dan that she wants Julian, and with her network contract renewal pending, she can get whatever she wants. Steve secretly visited with Vickie and admitted he and Julian are working together to infiltrate The Organization. Vickie agreed to be Steve and Julian's go-between, since Julian's involvement places his life in danger.

August 23-27, 1976:
Lena returned to Somerset and made a scene at the Hayloft, blaming Steve for Carrie's disappearance and possible death. Heather and Jerry planned to have another child as soon as possible after she learned she has no permanent damage from the assault. Steve convinced Lena that Carrie will be fine, and Lena confessed that she has possession of Greg's notebooks. Julian urged Lena to hand the notebooks over to them. Steve and Lieutenant Price arranged a secret mission.

August 30-September 3, 1976:
Lieutenant Price and Steve took Julian and Lena to a convent where they have been hiding Carrie. Steve explained that he and Carrie arranged for it to appear that Carrie had been captured or drowned after fleeing from their hideout. Julian urged Steve to give Lieutenant Price the notebooks, but although Steve trusts Price, he worries that the police department has already been infiltrated by The Organization. Julian discovered a bug in his car. Tom's contact men hinted that Julian will be dealt with if he doesn't stop issuing public statements about putting "Mr. Big" and The Organization behind bars.

September 6-10, 1976:
Steve convinced The Organization that he wants to work with them as revenge against former friends like Julian and Lieutenant Price. Organization man Joe Castor forced Steve to take him to the convent and eliminate Carrie as proof of his loyalty, but Steve managed to signal Lt. Price, who warned Carrie. At the convent, the sisters insisted to Castor that the police had taken Carrie away. Castor was convinced of Steve's loyalty after a search of the convent turned up nothing. Steve winked at one of the nuns, who was a disguised Carrie. Vickie decided to stay in Somerset. The arson trial began, and The Organization's attorney Michael Selby disproved the prosecution's case with technicalities.

September 13-17, 1976:
The courtroom erupted into pandemonium when Carrie suddenly appeared and took the witness stand. Steve informed Lieutenant Price that The Organization has pressured him to testify that Carrie's story about Gammidge's confession was a complete fabrication, intended to boost sales of The Register. Heather assured Carrie that Heather doesn't blame her for the attempted murder that caused her miscarriage. Selby was successful in getting a motion to suppress any references to the late Nurse Fellowes, the only person who could corroborate Carrie’s testimony.

September 20-24, 1976:
Avis admitted to Dan that she has lost hope of luring Julian away from Vickie. Carrie secretly met with Steve and begged him to stop his dangerous mission, but he refused. After Gammidge's burned, barely audible tape was introduced as evidence, Selby issued a motion to declare a mistrial. Steve issued an ultimatum to Castor that Steve join The Organization now, or he is looking for work elsewhere. Castor's comment about contacting Mr. Big after the rainy weather because "the iron in him is driving him crazy" gave Steve a clue about Mr. Big's real identity.

September 27- October 1, 1976:
The judge denied Selby's motion for a mistrial, but he also refused to allow the tape to be admitted as evidence. Under an intense cross-examination, Selby urged Carrie to admit that instead of fearing for their lives, she and Steve were actually lovers in their hideout, and she lied about Gammidge's confession to sell more newspapers. Avis gave up her pursuit of Julian and left Somerset. The Organization bribed Mrs. Wilson, Steve and Carrie's landlady, into testifying that the couple spent their time drinking and partying until all hours of the morning. Castor arranged a meeting with Mr. Big who was revealed to be Fred Harrington.

October 4-8, 1976:
Steve was served with a subpoena. Harrington insisted he will sacrifice anyone to end the trial, and his biggest problem is Julian. Steve convinced Castor that telling the truth on the witness stand is his only option because if Mrs. Wilson admits she perjured herself, Steve will go down, too, and can't help The Organization. After Steve corroborated Carrie's story, the D.A. found proof that Mrs. Wilson received a large payoff. Mrs. Wilson confessed that she was paid to lie about Carrie and Steve, and then the jury delivered a guilty verdict. Steve told Carrie that he has to leave Somerset. Lieutenant Price and Julian arranged for Steve to go to Los Angeles.

October 11-15, 1976:
Stan and Terri asked Vickie to head the fund drive for the hospital, and she enlisted Heather's assistance to take her mind off the loss of the baby. After Castor admitted that Steve's life is in danger from The Organization, Steve requested a meeting with Mr. Big to plead his case. Castor let Steve speak with Mr. Big/Harrington over the phone, but Harrington remained silent. Later, Harrington decided to let Steve live and use him to get at Julian. Steve remembered hearing a music box in the background while talking to Mr. Big, but the sound was actually the chimes from Harrington's antique clock. Sergeant Chip Williams was interested in Julian's story when the police found the car Julian rented for Steve abandoned at the airport.

October 18-22, 1976:
Heather reassured Jerry she has come to terms with their baby's loss when the artist designing the hospital fund drive posters suggested using baby pictures to publicize the event. While meeting with Fred Harrington to arrange a donation for the hospital campaign, Vickie noted his unusual chiming clock. Harrington blamed Julian for their business slump, but told Castor they must wait to make a move because if anything happens to Julian, even an apparent accident, the FBI will want to investigate. Castor tricked Steve into putting his fingerprints on a gun and planned to save the weapon for later use.

October 25-29, 1976:
Harrington brought in loyal organization employee Denise "Denny" Saunders to keep tabs on Steve. Steve refused Lieutenant Price's offer for Steve to go into the witness protection program with a new identity and plastic surgery to alter his appearance. Castor recognized Chip Williams as potential Organization material. Dan and Harrington urged Vickie to dissuade Julian's vendetta against organized crime, as it is placing his life in mortal danger. While visiting Jerry for a checkup, Harrington commented to Heather and Vickie about having a metal plate in his arm, the result of a skiing accident.

November 1-5, 1976:
Castor met with Chip Williams about joining The Organization. Tom confessed to Vickie that he really loves Carrie. Chip caught Steve driving Denny's car and arrested him for grand theft auto, but Denny bailed him out. Steve begged Denny not to report his arrest to Castor, but she said her loyalties lie with The Organization. Carrie panicked when Julian suddenly vanished. Denny told Castor that she thinks Chip is out to get Steve, and Castor replied that he doesn't matter because Steve will soon be a dead man anyway.

November 8-12, 1976:
Carrie collapsed from exhaustion and was hospitalized. Steve, disguised as a doctor, visited Carrie but grew closer to Denny. Carrie warned Steve that if he continues with his undercover work, they won’t have a future, because he will die just as Greg did. Julian resurfaced from a trip to Washington, where the attorney general refused to help with Somerset's infiltration of organized crime. Julian and Lieutenant Price correctly suspected Chip of being on the take. Chip promised Castor he will help set up Steve if The Organization accelerates his promotion to Chief of Detectives.

November 15-19, 1976:
Under increasing pressure from The Organization to obtain Greg's notebooks, Tom visited Lena and tricked her into revealing they were hidden in a suitcase in her attic. Steve counted telephone clicks when Castor phoned Harrington, but Lieutenant Price informed him that the number didn’t provide any new leads. A discouraged Steve and Carrie considered running away from Somerset and forgetting about The Organization, but Price warned them that it's too late to back out now.

November 22-26, 1976:
Tom broke into Lena’s house and found the suitcase, but Greg's notebooks were missing. Heather assumed that Carrie is interested in Tom. Stan agreed to release Carrie from the hospital if she takes it easy. Julian and Vickie rekindled their romantic fire. When Lena realized that someone had broken into her house and nothing was taken, Tom decided to remove suspicion from himself by voluntarily admitting to Julian that Lena told him about Greg's notebooks. Julian feared that if The Organization realizes Steve knew about the notebooks, he will be killed.

November 29-December 3, 1976:
Steve informed Julian and Lieutenant Price that he traced another phone call made by Castor to the Somerset Register. Dan warned Julian and Vickie that Julian's life is in grave danger. Denny encountered Carrie, who denied that Steve is her boyfriend. Steve found more telephone clues leading to the country club and an exclusive tailor's shop. Vickie turned over her hospital donations list to check donor connections to Steve's clues, but an unsuspecting Julian scratched Fred Harrington's name off the lists.

December 6-10, 1976:
Steve assumed that The Organization was about to make a move because of Denny's strange behavior. Tom suspected that Steve and Julian are working together but didn't let on to The Organization because he loves Carrie and can't ruin her life by sealing Steve's fate. Fred Harrington ordered Julian's murder. Castor and Chip planned to ambush Julian and frame Steve for the crime with the gun Castor used to get Steve's fingerprints.

December 13-17, 1976:
Steve sweet-talked Denny, and unwilling to be an accessory to murder, she admitted The Organization's plan to kill Julian and frame Steve. Chip arranged for Vickie to overhear a conversation in which an informant told him about Steve's impending death at a prearranged site. Vickie fell for the bait and told Julian, who rushed to Steve's aid. Just as the hitman was about to murder Julian, Steve arrived and was accidentally shot instead.

December 20-24, 1976:
A repentant Denny donated blood for Steve. In the operating room, Jerry fought to save a seriously wounded Steve's life. In an anonymous phone tip, Tom warned Julian that The Organization is planning another murder attempt on his life. Lieutenant Price berated Chip for not following up on the informant's tip about Julian's planned assassination. Julian confided the clues of Mr. Big's identity to Vickie, who realized the chiming clock and iron plate belonged to Fred Harrington. Lieutenant Price ordered Harrington's immediate arrest, and Julian made another contact with the Department of Justice.

December 27-31, 1976:
Harrington revealed to Dan Briskin that Julian is seeking federal assistance again. Dan, who is actually the head of The Organization, shot and killed Harrington. While visiting Dan to inform him of Harrington's murder, Julian wondered who Harrington's contact was at The Register. Dan suggested that Harrington received phone calls from a "Mr. Smith". Julian answered Dan's phone and heard Castor identify himself as Mr. Smith. Dan confessed to Julian that he is the head of The Organization but warned Julian that no one will ever be able to prove it, Lieutenant Price, stationed in the hall outside Dan's door, overheard Dan's confession and placed him under arrest. Tom turned himself in to the police, admitting his role in The Organization, and Chip was arrested, too. Julian and Vickie and Jerry and Heather gathered with Carrie in Steve's hospital room on New Year's Eve. Everyone celebrated Heather's announcement that she and Jerry are expecting a baby in the new year, while a recovering Steve looked forward to a bright future with Carrie now that Somerset is safe and tranquil at last.


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