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Eve reports to Ned that Kate is interfering in the Paisley account at The Register because Kate feels insecure in the knowledge that Julian only married her on the rebound from Eve. Ned talks to Kate, informing her that Eve is to have whatever she wants or he will withdraw his advertisements. At Ellen's urging, Kate finally explains to Julian how Eve is using the Paisley account as a wedge between them. Julian calls Eve for a non-business meeting, prompting her to fantasize that he intends to tell her that he loves her and his marriage to Kate is over. However, when Eve arrives at his office, she finds Kate there. Kate victoriously states that Julian knows everything and has arranged the meeting to set things straight. Julian then tells Eve that he loves Kate, and if Eve continues to use the Paisley account as a weapon, he will reject all future advertising. Eve goes to Ned, insisting that he arrange a meeting with Julian to clear up the misunderstanding. Julian remains adamant, and Eve drinks too much, making a spectacle of herself. The next morning, realizing that her tactics to win Julian back are not working, Eve apologizes to Julian and Ned, adding that she has come to her senses.

Scott MacKenzie escorts Ellen to a party, and they agree that it is pleasant to not have to go alone. Scott confides to Ellen that he wishes his son Skipper were able to participate in sports, but he will accept the reality of the child's heart condition. Later, though, Skipper attempts to play touch football and is rushed to the hospital for x-rays after experiencing chest pain.

Stan and Terri are married in a simple, but elegant ceremony in Ellen's home. Subsequently, Stan is named Chief of Staff at the hospital, and in his search for more doctors, invites Jerry to come on staff, but he refuses.

Eve and Heather continue to be at loggerheads over Jerry and Heather's declaration that they are in love. Jill tries to reassure Greg that things will work out for Jerry and Heather, citing her troubled relationship with Mitch Farmer. Greg agrees to give Jerry the benefit of the doubt and goes up to the cabin, where Heather has arrived to prepare dinner for Jerry. Greg does not wait for explanations when Heather appears wearing Jerry's robe. He leaves, unaware that Heather had only spilled coffee on her clothes and was waiting for them to dry. Jill gets the whole story from Heather and tells Greg, who softens his attitude of distrust, though he cannot forget how things turned out when Heather trusted Warren Parker.

Meanwhile, Heather urges Jerry to move into Somerset, but he replies that he is "not ready for civilization" yet. This prompts Heather to say she'll move in with him, despite the objections of her family and friends. Jerry reveals that he once deeply loved a girl named Wendy. He left her alone in his apartment one day, and when he returned, he found the apartment ransacked and Wendy shot. Despite the advice of his colleagues, Jerry insisted on operating, and feeling it was Wendy's best chance for survival, performed a radical procedure. However, she died on the operating table, and now Jerry cannot forget his guilt. Following another ugly confrontation with Eve, Heather assures Jerry that he did nothing wrong with Wendy, and moves in with him.

Aware that Greg's interest in her is growing beyond friendship, Jill tells him that she's not ready for a heavy commitment. Jill remains Heather’s chief supporter because of the similarities between Heather's situation and her own with Mitch. When Jill accidentally overhears Eve and Ellen discussing the similarities, too, Jill is furious that Ellen would consider interfering with Heather and Jerry.

Eve discovers that Julian will be working in Detroit overnight and alone, so she arranges a business trip there, too. She waits for Julian in the hotel dining room, feigning surprise when he sees her. They enjoy a pleasant dinner together, but Julian does not allow it to go any further. Back in Somerset, Kate has dinner with Ned, and when she learns that both Julian and Eve are in Detroit, she heads straight for the airport and catches the next flight to Michigan, where she arrives to find Julian alone, working. Eve assures everyone she no longer has any interest in Julian, but during an interview with Kate about another Paisley project, Eve attempts to plant seeds of doubt about what happened in Detroit before Kate arrived. Eve then admits that she was just teasing Kate, and from now on her relationship with Julian will be strictly business. Eve accepts Ned's suggestion that they become closer friends, while Julian speculates to Kate that Eve is playing with fire in her "friendship" with Ned.


Ned asks Eve to let him help her forget Julian, and she spends the night with him. In the morning, when asks if he succeeded in erasing Julian from her mind, she admits that she and Julian were never lovers and thanks Ned for finally setting her free.

Scott tells new secretary Jill how much her being around means to him, and Jill tries to show that she is attracted to him. Meanwhile, Skipper has gone out to Indian Point to sketch, and meets Jerry there. Skipper tags along, helping Jerry do chores, which results in chest pain. Jerry instructs Skipper to rest, and Skipper talks about his heart condition. Ellen notices the growing closeness between Jill and Scott and is hurt because she was falling in love with Scott herself. When Scott and Jill arrive at Scott's home, they find Skipper unconscious on the floor, obviously in the onset of heart failure. Scott immediately calls Stan, who in turn phones Jerry. Stan reminds Jerry that he is the most qualified surgeon to help Skipper, and besides, Jerry is partly responsible because he allowed Skipper to do chores. Jerry attempts to fly another surgeon in from Bay City, but the weather is too bad. Remembering the Hippocratic Oath, Jerry starts for the village then hesitates, but Heather persuades him to go. At the hospital, Jerry realizes that Skipper must have heart valve replacement surgery and orders an OR. But, it's the same surgery that killed his former girlfriend Wendy. After several anxious minutes, Jerry begins surgery, which lasts six long hours. Skipper survives the operation, and Jerry refuses to leave until the child is out of danger.

Unaware of the crisis at the hospital, Ned persuades Eve to spend another night with him, and the next morning she serves him breakfast in bed. Ned assures her that he isn't casual about her and is close to falling in love with her. Their intimate moment is interrupted by Scott, who calls with news of Skipper's operation, upsetting Ned enormously as he is Skipper's godfather. Eve tells him to get dressed; she'll drive him to the hospital. She doesn't stop to consider that she's still wearing the evening gown from the night before. Julian notices it when he stops by the hospital for the full story. Eve confides her embarrassment to Ellen, who observes that Eve if is worried about Julian's reaction, then she must still be in love with him. Eve confesses that she will always love Julian, but she can't let it run her life. After a business meeting with Julian, Eve tells him of her embarrassment, trying to determine his reaction. He admits he is disappointed that she and Ned are lovers and reminds her that Ned has a reputation. Eve angrily retorts that she'll sleep with whomever she pleases, any time or any place.

Julian questions Kate about starting a family. Kate says that she'd like to have a baby, but Julian reminds her to think about the impact on her life, hinting that he'd expect her to curtail her professional life in order to stay home with the child. Kate does not agree to that and quickly changes the subject to the joy that parenthood would bring them as a couple. Julian writes a story on Skipper's heart surgery and assigns Greg to a follow up story.

Late the next day, Skipper opens his eyes and talks. He asks to see Scott, and they are both elated to learn that Skipper can now lead a normal life. Skipper is puzzled about why Jill is with Scott and not Ellen. Greg, arriving for the follow up story, is hurt to see Jill in Scott's arms. Heather finally persuades Jerry to go home and sleep now that Skipper is awake. Eve arrives at the cabin to congratulate Jerry, who is now prepared to answer her questions, but Heather sends him to bed, telling her mother that Jerry can answer questions another time. When Greg arrives, too, Heather tells him to go, but Jerry awakens, and against Heather's advice, tells Greg the whole story about Wendy's death. Greg explains the situation to Julian. Kate wants to run the story, but Julian declares that as long as he is editor, The Register will not run a story involving that kind of sensationalism. Kate brings it up again the next day, warning him that The Argos is cutting into their readership and will print the story if they don't do it first. Julian again refuses to back down. Eve is angry that everyone else in town seems to know about Jerry's past, and she doesn't.

Ellen goes to visit Skipper when he's out of intensive care and is pained when he paints a glowing picture of the fun he, Ellen, and Scott will have once he's home again. Ellen knows that this is now impossible since Scott has fallen in love with Jill. Ellen is happy that Jill has found someone else, yet she wonders if Jill's attraction to Scott is actually a father complex related to Ben's death. Ellen admits to Eve that she is terribly fond of Scott, but it's too soon after losing Ben for her to consider love again.

Only a few close friends are aware that Heather and Jerry are living together, so it's a surprise when Heather receives an anonymous note stating, "Live in sin; die in sin." She is so upset that Jerry makes her watch as he destroys the note. Shortly thereafter, Ellen, Stan, and Jerry are being shadowed by an unseen intruder at the hospital. With Stan's encouragement and Heather's approval, Jerry decides to return to medicine because he's needed. He demands that Heather heal the breach with Eve. Later, Heather goes to dress for bed and returns hysterical because she has found another mysterious note. Jerry recoils in horror when Heather screams that she found it in her bathrobe pocket.

MARCH 1975

Extremely worried about the mysterious notes she has received, Heather is afraid to stay alone in the cabin. Jerry tries to reassure her by having old friend and neighbor Vic Kirby change the locks. Vic expresses his distaste that Heather and Jerry are living together out of wedlock. Jerry tells Heather that she is being too hard on Eve by not telling her mother about Jerry's background, but Heather replies that Eve deserves her enmity for a lack of faith in Jerry. With Heather's blessing, Jerry goes to the hospital and accepts Stan's offer of a job. He arrives at Stan's office to overhear Eve expressing outrage that everyone knows about Jerry's past except her. Jerry steps in, arranges a meeting, and fills Eve in on the whole story surrounding Wendy's death and why he left medicine. Eve is pleased that Jerry told her, but she's plagued by a persistent uneasiness about him, particularly when he admits that Wendy's murderer was never caught.

Carrie Wheeler, a new cub reporter at The Register, complains to Julian that her talents are being wasted on society news, and she requests an assignment that infringes upon Greg's beat. Julian turns her down, stating that it's important to her experience that she write the society column. Carrie in turn complains to Kate, and when Kate learns of Julian's prior decision, she backs Julian and chastises Carrie for trying to play them against one another. Carrie harbors jealous, hurt feelings against Greg. Since Greg appears to be out of the picture with Jill, Ginger steps in and tries to play matchmaker for Carrie and Greg.

Skipper, newly released from the hospital, continues to see Ellen as his step-mother, not Jill. Meanwhile, Ellen suggests that Jill consider the possibility that her attraction to Scott is a father complex to compensate for the loss of Ben, since he and Scott share many of the same qualities. Jill angrily accuses Ellen of using that as a convenient excuse because she wants Scott for herself. But, when Scott receives an offer from a prestigious eastern university and asks Jill to marry him and move away, she refuses, realizing that it's too soon after Mitch's death to make such a big commitment. Jill apologizes to Ellen and decides that she is indeed still attracted to Greg.

When Eve realizes that Heather and Jerry are in love and plan to be married, she goes about preparing a big wedding for the couple, despite their insistence that it remain small and simple. However, Heather begins to receive harassing phone calls in which the caller remains quiet, and her panic intensifies as she learns that Vic made a duplicate key for himself after changing the lock on the cabin door. Heather begs Jerry to retrieve the key. Unaware that they are being recorded by a voice activated tape recorder hidden high above in the cabin rafters, Heather and Jerry plan an immediate elopement. They are married later that night in a simple yet beautiful ceremony across the state-line.

Celebrating their marriage, Heather and Jerry are interrupted by another phone call, but this time the caller speaks, "Til death us do part. Death to Heather." Jerry makes an appointment with Lt. Price and gets the cabin key back from Vic, who grudgingly returns it while reminding him that he's had a key to the cabin since before Jerry was born. Vic goes on to express his disapproval of Heather, as well as Jerry's marriage to her. During a hurried lunch, Heather and Jerry tell Eve of their marriage, which upsets her. Despite her continued misgivings, she wants to host a small reception for the couple, and she and Greg go to the cabin for dinner, where they are eyewitnesses to another horrible phone call. Terri theorizes to Stan that the person harassing Heather is probably deranged and could be anyone in Somerset. Lt. Price concurs, and isn't optimistic about the situation. Concerned about Heather, Julian gets involved. He interviews Vic, and is bothered by Vic's attitude toward Heather, particularly after he learns that Vic's wife died last year, leaving him embittered.

When Ned asks Eve if she is spending so much money on Heather's recent wedding because she wants one herself, Eve assures him that she's satisfied with the status quo, prompting him to hint that she's keeping herself free for Julian. Eve rejects that idea, but she later admits to herself that Ned is right because she will always love Julian. Eve decides as a wedding present, she'll give Jerry and Heather a completely furnished, expensive apartment in Somerset. Ned retorts that they will absolutely hate it because it won't be theirs. Eve is upset by Ned's attitude.

Kate is still entranced by the idea of bearing Julian's child, telling Tom Conway that having a child is the ultimate fulfillment for a woman. Tom scorns motherhood, especially for Kate, pointing out that Julian would insist upon her giving up her career and all the social position and amenities that come with it. Besides, babies are hard work. Kate argues that she could hire a baby nurse to take care of all that, but Tom speculates that Julian would never allow it. Knowing that Tom is right, Kate rethinks her plans, then is torn when she begins to exhibit signs of already being pregnant. When it is confirmed with a test, Tom's worst predictions come true as a delighted Julian informs a mortified Kate that she can quit her job and social activities to concentrate solely on motherhood.

APRIL 1975

Tony receives an offer as an advertising executive for Paisley, and Tony wants the job, but he feels he owes it to Rex to tell him about it face to face. Ned pressures Tony by claiming to have another prospective employee, so Tony accepts the job then calls Rex long distance with the news. Ginger is bothered by Ned's tactics.

Ned asks Eve to move in with him, but she refuses. Ned professes that he's ready for a commitment to her, any kind of relationship that she wants. Eve puts him off, and finally, he proposes marriage, which they plan to discuss over dinner. Ned reveals that this his sister Vicki, also unattached, is soon returning to Somerset after several years in Europe.

Afraid Eve might tell Julian about keeping the penthouse apartment, Kate tells Julian first. He's angry, not so much because it's a needless extravagance as because she kept the truth from him. Because of Tom's continued sarcasm regarding motherhood, Kate is becoming increasingly worried about having Julian's baby. Tom enjoys pointing out the drudgery of diapers and bottle-feedings versus the exciting, social life Kate and Julian now lead. Kate extracts a promise from Tom that he will not reveal her pregnancy to anyone for at least three months. To silence him, she informs Tom that Julian adores her, and after the baby comes, she'll be able to use it to get anything she wants. Kate invites Tom to lunch and asks him to stop taunting her about the baby and her marriage. Tom admits that he has loved her ever since the weekend they spent together prior to her marriage, and he had hoped to win her affection. However, he agrees to back off now that he's certain her marriage is strong.

Realizing that whomever is breaking into the Kane cabin is doing so with Heather and Jerry's dog Muffin present, Lt. Price has Muffin's blood checked for the presence of tranquilizers, to no avail. Greg and Julian wonder how the stalker knows so much about them as the phone calls and break-ins have come at particularly convenient times. They are unaware that a voice activated tape recorder is hidden in the rafters of the cabin, recording every conversation. Vic Kirby, still a suspect, has an alibi for one of the incidents, so Lt. Price urges Jerry and Heather to move out of the cabin.

Returning from work, Jerry and Heather discover that Muffin is missing. Jerry reassures Heather that their pet is probably still alive, otherwise they would have found him, dead or alive, near the cabin. Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location, Muffin is being cared for by an unseen party.

Eve furnishes an apartment for the Kanes at Dover House, an apartment building with good security. Ellen convinces Eve that giving the apartment as a surprise gift at the wedding reception for Heather and Jerry would be embarrassing. When they receive word that Muffin is missing, Eve and Ellen drive to the cabin, and Eve tells them about the apartment. Jerry and Heather make it clear that they do not want to move, but under the circumstances, they will accept the apartment. Eve is a bit upset by their reaction to the apartment, which she has intentionally furnished in a modern decor, a far cry from the rustic simplicity of the cabin. Eve arranges with Ned for the couple to exchange any furniture they want.

Reluctantly, with the help of Eve, Greg, and Jill, the Kanes pack their belongings to move to the Dover House. Eve is supposed to meet Ned for dinner at The Hayloft, but when her car fails to start, she accepts the use of Heather's car to keep the date. On the way down the narrow, mountain road, the car suddenly begins to pick up speed. Eve stomps frantically on the brakes, then screams in terror as she loses control of the car and crashes. She is found unconscious in the wreckage and rushed to Somerset.

Eve remains unconscious in the hospital, and Stan and Jerry agree that the longer she's comatose, the greater the chance for permanent brain damage. Jerry confides to Ellen that he is particularly concerned about the possibility of vision loss.

Ned, waiting for Eve at The Hayloft, receives the news of Eve's accident and relays it to Kate and Julian, who are also dining there. They all go to the hospital, where Kate becomes visibly jealous by Julian's concern for Eve's condition. Julian sends Greg out to find more information for the newspaper. While examining the wreckage of the car, Greg discovers punctures in the brake cylinders, changing the case from an accident to attempted murder.

As Eve gradually comes out of the coma, she mistakes Ned for Julian and groggily says that Julian has always been the love of her life. Ned leaves the hospital in shock. When she finally regains full consciousness, Eve's vision is impaired, but Stan and Jerry feel that it will improve as the swelling on her brain decreases. Worried because Ned hasn't been to visit her, Eve prods Heather into calling him from her bedside. Ned, politely and coolly, informs Heather that he can't find time to visit Eve. Stunned, Heather lies to Eve that Ned sends his love and will visit the first chance he gets.

Moved by a sudden outburst of tears from cub reporter Carrie Wheeler, Greg makes an effort to be friends. Carrie tells him that she wants to be a top journalist, but since she's a woman, she'll have to work hard and not make any personal commitments, ever. Carrie reveals to Ginger that she hates her own father, but does not elaborate on the details. Greg continues to pursue Jill, but she repels his advances kindly.

When Heather is told that Eve's car wreck wasn't an accident, she recalls seeing Vic Kirby loitering near the cabin the night before. Vic denies any involvement in the crash, then tells Jerry and Lt. Price that he no longer considers Jerry a decent and honorable man. Lt. Price is puzzled by Vic's comments.

MAY 1975

Eve is told that it is too early to determine whether or not she will suffer permanent vision loss as the result of the car accident. Jerry and Stan both agree that part of Eve's problem is psychosomatic, brought on by Ned's sudden neglect of her. Eve does not remember that while dozing in and out of consciousness, she confused Ned with Julian and confessed that Julian is the love of her life. Heather and Ellen separately try to find out from Ned why his attitude has changed toward Eve, but he is quietly polite, stating that he values his freedom, and this is a good time to change their relationship.

As Ellen is visiting one day, a bouquet of flowers arrives for Eve with a note, "Sorry about the accident. It wasn't meant for you." Ellen covers, not telling Eve its contents, and she hands the note over to Lt. Price for forensic examination.

Jerry and Heather feel safer in their Dover House apartment because of 24 hour security and a switchboard to filter telephone calls. However, they still receive another anonymous call from the stalker. Lt. price has them install a private line with an unlisted number that the police put a tracer on. Still the chief suspect, Vic Kirby warns Jerry to get the cops off his back. When Heather finds out accidentally, she begs Jerry to stop protecting her by withholding information. He agrees, and later that night they find Muffin's dog collar hanging on their doorknob.

Eve's vision remains poor until Julian stops by one day for a visit, and overhearing Eve in a rare moment of self-pity, assures her that everything will be fine. Eve opens her eyes, and suddenly she can see. Since his time is not being devoted to Eve, Ned begins to make more demands of his employees to fill the empty evening hours. Ned demands Tony and Ginger join him at the very last minute for dinner, and he arranges frequent evening meetings with Tony. Ginger chafes, wishing Ned had someone else to occupy his time. When Eve is released from the hospital, she goes to Ned's house and is humiliated to find him with another woman. After she leaves, Ned reflects on how well Eve suits his house. Eve dreads facing Ned again, until Ellen suggests that he may dread facing her even more.

Vicki Paisley, Ned's sister, returns to Somerset. She arrives at the airport and bumps into Julian and Kate, who are leaving for business trip. Vicki immediately makes a discreet sexual play for Julian, telling him that she is quite fond of men.

Tom persuades Jill to work in her father's firm, which he has been running since Ben's death. When Greg expresses jealousy, Jill reminds him that she never led him on, and she doesn't want to be anything more than friends. Greg remarks that there's something sleazy about Tom. After earning her first by-line, Greg's fellow reporter Carrie is called home because her mother is very ill. Carrie expresses hatred for her father, whom she blames for her mother's condition.

Lt. Price decides to make a thorough search of the Kane cabin, but the night before, a mysterious woman gets into the cabin and retrieves the hidden tape recorder. Jerry is now the chief suspect since he's the only person who has the opportunity and knowledge to time the incidents so well. Meanwhile, the stalker explains to Muffin that her name is Dorothy, and she was once married to Jerry. She put him through medical school, and then he left her for that tramp Wendy. After their breakup, she fled New York and got a job at Somerset Hospital, but had to quit when Jerry came on staff. Brandishing a gun, Dorothy examines floor-plans to the Dover House and decides to shoot Heather.

Dr. Porter, Kate's obstetrician, is confused by Kate's attitude towards her baby. Kate lies to her that Julian doesn't want the child, but that idea is quickly dispelled when a solicitous Julian arrives to take Kate home. Dr. Porter tells Kate to make sure she wants the baby for herself, not just for her husband.

Jerry decides it's time to come clean with Heather about his marriage to Dorothy; however, he is stopped at the last minute by the memory of Heather's contempt for a young intern at Somerset Hospital who was playing around on his nurse wife. That night, Jerry is called away for emergency surgery, as a disguised Dorothy watches the apartment from the street. After Jerry leaves, Dorothy positions herself outside the Kane window. When Heather steps into view, Dorothy raises her revolver and fires!

JUNE 1975

Standing outside the Kane apartment, Dorothy Conrad, Jerry's deranged ex-wife, aims her gun at Heather and fires a shot through the window. However, at that very moment, Heather bends down to pick something up. Certain that her mission is accomplished, Dorothy flees the scene. Stan and Terri, who are arriving for dinner just as the shot is fired, rush into the apartment and find Heather is all right. They phone Lt. Price, who becomes even more suspicious of Jerry because he was detained by emergency surgery and cannot account for every moment before he arrives home. Radio and TV coverage of the attempted murder are extensive, and Dorothy is furious because she failed again.

Julian is late getting home to Kate after covering the story with Greg and driving Eve home. Kate becomes enraged when she learns where her husband has been. She accuses Julian of not only neglecting her for Eve, but of neglecting his responsibilities as an editor for sitting on the Kane story all this time and then being scooped. As she rants, Julian flatly tells Kate to shut up. Meanwhile, Lt. Price ominously orders Jerry to stay in town.

Eve returns to her job at Paisley's, and she and Ned affect a businesslike demeanor, which neither is comfortable with. Ned's sister Vicki gets the story from him and tells him that he, not Eve, made a fool out of him. With new found courage, Ned goes to Eve's office and tries to fathom her feelings about him. Afraid of being hurt and humiliated further, Eve puts on a brave front about continuing their successful business relationship and letting the past be past. Ned solemnly agrees and leaves, the conversation giving neither what they really wanted, a reconciliation. Eve, disconcerted, drinks too much that night and allows Tom to make advances, but Heather drops by, spoiling the mood.

In Wilkes-Barre, Carrie confides to her sick mother that she has feelings for Greg, her rival at The Register. Meanwhile, Greg continues to show jealousy over Jill's closeness to Tom at the law firm. Jill stresses to Greg that she wants only friendship from him, but he refuses to believe it, begging her to love him. Gently, Jill acknowledges his feelings, but tells him that she doesn't love him, or anyone, because it's too soon after Mitch's death. When Carrie finds Greg put her by-line on a story he wrote for her because she had to go to her mother, she thanks him. He, in turn, responds to her, revealing the incident with Jill. Carrie warns Greg not to let his self-esteem plummet because he's really a great guy. Greg takes her to dinner, and when they return to her apartment, Carrie takes him to bed. Later that night, they are awakened by a phone call from Carrie's father, calling with news of Carrie's mother's death. Greg pulls Carrie together and drives her to the airport, where he agrees to accompany her home.

When Lt. Price receives the ballistics report on the bullet fired at Heather, he discovers it's from the same gun used to kill Jerry's former girlfriend Wendy in New York several years ago. He brings Jerry and Heather in for questioning, revealing to Heather for the first time that Jerry was married before. When the shock wears off, Heather stands firmly by Jerry's side. He recalls that Dorothy's brother Ralph Conrad threatened any woman that came near him. Lt. Price investigates the lead, but discovers that Ralph had an ironclad alibi for the night of the shooting. Jerry refuses to believe it, and against Lt. Price's orders, leaves to find Ralph. The next morning's paper prints a factual account of Jerry's disappearance, further infuriating Kate because she wanted more sensationalism. Julian refuses to damage Jerry's reputation through further innuendo, and another heated argument between Julian and Kate ensues.

Eve visits Julian to find out if he knows anything about Jerry's whereabouts, as Heather is distraught. Julian assures her that doesn't. Later, he picks up Kate at Dr. Porter's office, and when she hears about Eve's visit, she subtly warns Julian that there is such a thing as an emotionally induced miscarriage. Jerry finds Ralph in Florida, paralyzed from the waist down. Ralph tells Jerry that the divorce put Dorothy in a mental hospital. Jerry is devastated. He swear to Ralph that he sincerely thought a divorce was the best thing for everyone involved. Back in Somerset, Jerry tells Stan and Terri about Dorothy, and the name rings a bell. They check old personnel files and find that Dorothy was working as a nurse the day Jerry came on staff.

Upon arriving in Wilkes-Barre, Carrie lashes out at her father Jack, saying he now has something to celebrate because her mother is dead. She refuses to have anything to do with him. Greg learns that Carrie is bitter because her mother spent her last years paralyzed following a car accident caused by Jack, who had been drinking but was never charged. When Greg attempts to intercede between them and bring peace, Jack angrily declares that it's none of his business.

Disguised as a nurse, Dorothy gains access to the Kane apartment, using the excuse that Stan has sent her. She arrives just as Jill leaves with Heather's keys to pick up some groceries. Dorothy pulls a gun on Heather, telling her that she must die like Wendy so that Dorothy can have Jerry again. Terrified, Heather begins to ask questions and plays for time since Jill will be back at any moment. Dorothy hears a key in the lock and hides, warning Heather not to scream or she's dead. Tom and Jill enter, only to face Dorothy at gunpoint. Realizing that Dorothy could be stalking Heather right now, Jerry phones to see if she's ok. On the phone, Heather refers to him as "Stan", tipping Jerry off that there's trouble. He bolts out, leaving Terri to call the police. Jerry arrives at the apartment and enters through the patio door, just as Dorothy is about to kill Heather. He begs Dorothy for the gun, but she refuses, and continues to daydream about their past life. Screaming that they can never be happy until Heather dies, Dorothy aims the gun and the fires, as Jerry lunges in front of her. Jerry is struck by the bullet and falls, giving Tom the opportunity to overpower Dorothy and wrestle the weapon from her. Ellen and Eve, arriving for a visit, rush into the apartment, followed by Lt. Price. Dorothy is placed under arrest and taken away.

Jerry's wound, a bullet to the shoulder, proves to be superficial, and he is released from the hospital. He and Heather reclaim Muffin and move back to the Kane cabin.

Julian gets a tip about the shooting, and unable to find Greg, leaves an angry Kate to cover the story himself. At the Kane apartment, he sees that Eve is about to completely fall apart. He takes her home, where she has four brandies in short order. When he asks, she tells him she has to drink to get through the tense days at Paisley's. He refuses her offer to stay the night, and when he leaves, she collapses into tears of loneliness. When Kate finds out that Julian took Eve home, her jealousy erupts again. Julian, sick of her outbursts about Eve, warns Kate that he's Eve's friend, and he will help her again if she needs it. Kate is disconsolate at the thought.

JULY 1975

Buckling under the strain of working at Paisley's so near Ned, Eve begins to drink heavily, and admits to friends that she needs a pick-me-up at lunch just to face the afternoon at work. Vicki takes a liking to Eve and vows to understand what happened in her relationship with Ned, particularly since Ned obviously still cares for Eve. Vicki invites Ned and Eve to dinner on the same night, but when Eve arrives, Ned quickly leaves. Vicki questions Eve about her feelings for Ned and Julian. Eve comments that she has accepted Julian's marriage to Kate, and she loves Ned, but it is clear to Vicki that Eve loves both men. Vicki accepts Eve, feeling that she would be good for Ned. The strain of recent complications begins to appear on Ned, too, when he is unable to conduct an important staff meeting. Eve goes to Vicki with Ned's condition and together they persuade him into the hospital for a complete physical.

Kate is shrewish when she finds Julian redoing layout and copy for Eve, whose work is suffering from her drinking binges. Julian insists Eve is his friend, and he'll do anything to help her, angering Kate further. Ultimately, Eve is fired from her fashion column and tells Julian, as he got her the job. He knows about her problem and promises not to let her fall. Kate arrives to find Eve in Julian's comforting embrace. She goes to Dr. Porter's office, but has to see her partner, who brings up the subject of abortion after noting Kate's emotional state. Kate admits to the obstetrician that she fears becoming fat and ugly while Julian lavishes attention on Eve. The doctor reminds her that if she is considering an abortion, she only has two weeks left before it's too late for a safe procedure.

Back in their mountain cabin, Jerry and Heather resume their lives. Heather feels guilty about her treatment of Vic Kirby and visits him to apologize. She tells him that she would like to be his friend. While there, she notices a photograph of Vic's deceased wife with a young man. Vic is touchy when Heather inquires about the boy. He tells her it is none of her business. When Heather questions Jerry about the child, he reveals that it's Vic's son Chris, whom he hasn't seen or heard from in many years.

Greg, who has accompanied Carrie to Wilkes-Barre for her mother's funeral, leaves when he realizes that Carrie's father Jack doesn't want him there. Greg is puzzled by Carrie's incessant bitterness toward her father, whom Greg thinks is basically a kind, gentle man. Upon her return to Somerset, Carrie finds she must seek another place to live, and Ellen offers her a room in the Grant home. Carrie accepts only after Greg assures her that they can use his place for their recreation. Jack is hurt by Carrie's rejection and expresses a curious concern that she will turn out to be like her mother. Without notice, Jack appears at the Grant house to see Carrie. Only Jill is home, and they strike up an instant friendship and have their first date that night.

Eve goes to visit Ned in the hospital, where he is an impossible patient. He brings up the recent decline of her work and suggests she take a vacation. Eve, hurt, resigns from Paisley's. Later, she calls Julian at work, and in a drunken stupor, she professes her love to him. He rushes over to help her, but Kate gets wind of the situation and runs to Tom, telling him her thoughts of an abortion. Tom offers to help her, if it's what she really wants. When she realizes that she can cover by telling Julian she had an emotionally induced miscarriage, a fact she has mentioned to him before, she agrees to go to New York with Tom for the secret procedure. After leaving a note for Julian, they drive to the airport, where they are spotted at the airline gate by Vicki.

Jill and Jack are drawn to each other, but Jack asks her to keep their friendship quiet, because Carrie might not understand. Ellen notes Jill's sudden happiness and wonders if Tom is the man who engenders it. Carrie's grandmother Lena Andrews moves to Somerset and rents a house. Greg has found a new apartment, too, and suggests Carrie move in with him. Meanwhile, Lena pleads Jack's case to Carrie, then invites Carrie to live with her.

At Julian's, Eve professes her love for him once again, but he reiterates that he's in love with Kate, especially now that she is carrying his child. He sobers Eve up, and when she reassures him she's not completely dependent on liquor, Julian promises his continued help. But, Eve doesn't want to interfere in his and Kate's lives any longer, and she decides to leave Somerset. Ned refuses to stop her, and Heather's pleas have no effect either. Heather, having followed Eve to the airport, leaves and rushes to Ned, telling him of Kate's pregnancy and the unlikelihood that Eve and Julian would ever reconcile. Ned suddenly realizes that Eve must love him after all, and calls a taxi to rush him to the airport. En route, the taxi is delayed, and Ned fears he won't make it to the airport in time. When he finally arrives after a wild taxi ride, he discovers the gate is closed, and the plane is ready to depart. Ned eludes security guards and manages to get on the plane, where he finds Eve and in front of everyone, convinces her that he has always loved her and won't let her leave. Eve is overjoyed, and they leave the plane together. Ned finally reveals what Eve said while delirious in the hospital, and she apologizes for hurting him. They pledge their love to one another.

In New York, Kate undergoes an abortion. After the procedure, the doctor assures her that she can pregnant again after six months. Back in Somerset, Julian is distraught over Kate's sudden disappearance, but pleased that Eve and Ned have finally reconciled their differences. He hopes that they can all be good friends. His joy is shattered; however, when Kate phones with the news that she has miscarried their baby.


Recuperating from an abortion in New York City, Kate calls Julian and telling him through feigned tears that she has miscarried their baby due to emotional stress over his continued friendship with Eve. Julian cries, blaming himself for the loss of the baby. Tom, who arranged the abortion and accompanied Kate to New York, flies home on a different plane. Kate returns to Somerset, and when Julian takes full responsibility again and again over the next few days, Kate is secretly delighted by his guilt. However, she panics when he insists that she see Dr. Porter. At first, Kate puts him off, then she lies that she saw the doctor. Julian is shocked and confused when Dr. Porter phones their home, wanting to know why Kate has not kept any of their scheduled appointments, stressing the importance of pre-natal care in the fourth month. Unable to avoid it, Kate sees the doctor, who quickly guesses that Kate underwent an abortion. Kate gains reassurance that it's against Dr. Porter's ethics to reveal what she knows to anyone, including Julian.

During an appointment with Tom, Vicki lets him know that she observed him getting on a plane to New York with Kate. Tom says she was mistaken, but Vicki knows what she saw. Vicki warns Ellen not to let Jill get involved with Tom. She then arranges a dinner party with Tom, Kate, and Julian as the guests. Vicki asks when they're going to announce Kate's pregnancy, enjoying watching everyone squirm, especially Tom. Later, she corners Tom and wants to know what he's protecting Kate from.

Having reconciled, Ned suggests to Eve that marriage is the next logical step for them. As Ned and Eve plan an extended vacation at Ned's family home at Charlevoix, Eve is distressed at Heather's panic. Heather confesses to Jerry that it's nice for her to have a mother around on whom she can depend. Jerry replies that as her husband, she can depend only on him now. Heather reveals to Eve that she's afraid Jerry might outgrow her, as he said he outgrew his deranged ex-wife Dorothy. Eve counsels Heather to concentrate on the future, not the past.

Kate appears at Eve's apartment as Eve is leaving with Ned, and demands to know how many people Eve has told of her pregnancy. Eve denies Kate's accusations that she's still in love with Julian. Ned listens outside the door, lighting up when he hears Eve declare her love for him, adding that she'd scream it from the rooftops if she were pregnant with his child. He enters, giving Kate her exit cue. He later retrieves his mother's engagement ring from Vicki.

Heather continues to be upset and befriends Vic Kirby by returning his key to the Kane cabin. She can't suppress a jealous twinge when she sees Jerry having a cup of coffee with Carrie, because Heather feels inferior to the better educated and worldly Carrie. Heather confides her insecurity to Terri, who advises her not to borrow trouble. Heather's ego is boosted when she receives a big promotion to Ellen's assistant as patient relations counselor.

After Lena warns her that Jack wouldn't like it, Carrie moves in with Greg to show her defiance. Afraid Carrie is unable to feel real love for any man because of her bitterness toward Jack, Lena warns Jack that he must tell Carrie the truth about her late mother Frances. Unknown to Carrie, Frances had been consumed by loneliness while Jack built his law practice and turned to other men. On the night of the accident that paralyzed her, Frances intended to run away with another man. Jack came upon the accident and took the man's place behind the wheel of the car to protect Carrie from scandal. When Jack arrives at the apartment to tell Carrie, he is so shocked to find Carrie in a robe, and Greg half-dressed, that he walks away, speechless.

Tony and Ginger's marital problems, caused by Tony's intransigent devotion to work and neglect of his family, come to a head when Ginger gets drunk at another impromptu dinner at Ned's and tells Ned he's dictatorial and rude. Tony and Ginger talk it out, and Tony assures a doubtful Ned that he can be successful with both a job and a family. But, after Ned leaves town with Eve, Tony again forgets a family commitment because of work. Ginger confides her unhappiness to Vicki, who urges Ned to involve Ginger in a teen counseling program at the store, warning Ned that things will get worse before they're better between the Coopers. Tony tells Ginger he needs her and his work because they both make him feel successful, and success at work demands long hours and some neglect. He begs her to be patient.

Jack must return to Wilkes-Barre and wishes that Jill could accompany him. To his delight, she agrees. They discover that they have fallen in love with one another. Jill, learning that "Jack" is a nickname for Jonathan, decides she'll call him "Jon". Jon and Jill make love to confirm their feelings, and Jon gives Jill half of a gold coin as a necklace, keeping the other half for himself.

Meanwhile, Carrie spurns Greg's marriage proposal, saying everything is perfect as is, a statement with which Greg doesn't completely concur. When Carrie flaunts their love affair at a party for Lena, Lena calls Jon, insisting that he must return and tell Carrie the truth about her mother at once, spoiling Jill's idyllic holiday. Julian also stresses his disapproval to Greg, as it appears that Greg is more committed than Carrie, and Julian fears that Greg's work will suffer if he and Carrie should split. Jon is stung when an acquaintance mistakes Jill for his daughter, while Ellen guesses that Jill is madly in love.

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