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Pulling himself together after his wife Laura's suicide, Rex Cooper goes to Chicago where surgery to restore the use of his legs proves successful. He's pleased at the sudden arrival of his aunt Becky Winkle to see him through his recuperation. However, Rex is unaware that she has decided to live with him permanently. He begins to see things more clearly when she speaks of a "long, long visit." Rex is overjoyed that he can now stand on his own and seeks solace in the birth of his first grandchild, a boy named Joseph Rex.

Zoe Cannell, still on the lam after escaping from the sanitarium, plots to kill Julian and Andrea, whom Zoe still believes took Julian away from her. Chrystal realizes Zoe's first target would be Julian and that her presence in his house would only fuel Zoe's anger. Over Julian's objections, Chrystal moves into her own apartment, promising to return as soon as Zoe is captured. Chrystal continues to believe her past association with the criminal syndicate makes her unworthy of Julian and his friends. She visits Ginger to apologize for her part in the events which paralyzed Rex and led to Laura's suicide. Chrystal insists she's wants to become a better person. Ginger is understanding, but suggests it will take time for Tony to forgive and forget the past.

Julian feels Chrystal is unnecessarily berating herself with guilt and self-degradation. Zoe telephones Julian from Lansing asking for $1500 to cover room and board debts to a Mrs. Temple. This leads Julian and the police straight to Lansing, but Mrs. Temple is a con woman who has coerced Zoe into asking for the money and safely hidden the fugitive out of sight.

The continuing difference of opinion between Andrea and David finally erupts in a tremendous argument. David returns the sports car she grandly gave him for Christmas, saying she's too busy playing the lady executive to have a personal life and be a wife. She angrily accuses him of male chauvinism, being unable to accept help from a woman -even a woman he loves. Andrea maintains he resents her money and demands for an equal partnership as he expects a woman to be a subordinate, a plaything. Friends and family realize David is obsessed with male dominance, but Andrea is equally obsessed with her own independence and was thoughtless in giving David an extravagant gift which magnified their problems. David, depressed and at odds, considers giving up law school even though he is close to graduation. He looks into a career as a police officer. Lt. Price tells David about the police academy at Evanston, though Price feels David might not have the objectivity necessary to be a good cop.

Young and lovely Eve Lawrence makes plans to join her fiance Judge Brad Bishop in Somerset. Eve's daughter Heather, a teenager, resents the idea of her mother's marriage to a much-older man and makes it clear that she believes her grandmother's contention that Eve drove Heather's father to the depression and drinking that led to his death. Heather begs her grandmother to let her live with her rather than go with Eve to Somerset. Mrs. Lawrence refuses, saying that she and Heather's grandfather are planning an around-the-world cruise. In reality, Mrs. Lawrence's disapproval and hatred for Eve -a woman she never wanted her son to marry- makes it impossible for her to love Heather, whom she sees only as "Eve's daughter." Judge Bishop reacts to Heather's objections and insults with reason and tact, though Heather realizes she's ultimately going to Somerset because she's a minor and has no other choice. Meanwhile, Ellen doubts Eve's reasons for marrying her father, though it is Andrea who is so obsessed with Eve's intentions that Julian accuses her of gossiping.

Mark and Edith Mercer move from Boston to Somerset. He's been hired as an executive at Delaney Brands and will probably be its president when Rex becomes Chairman of the Board. Edith is delighted to have left Boston as it takes Mark away from the woman who has long stood between them. Mark reminds his wife that this woman was his friend's widow. He only helped her emotionally and financially after the death of his friend... it wasn't an affair. However, Edith insists Mark was deeply in love with her and might still be. Mark protests that it's a neurotic belief, though he privately wonders if he can be happy in Somerset without his lady friend in it. The whole town is buzzing about the Mercers uprooting themselves from Boston, a move they publicly admit was for personal reasons. Andrea vows to uncover exactly what those reasons were.

Having eluded Julian and the police in Lansing, Zoe manages to make her way back to Somerset, where she arrives unnoticed. Zoe obtains a gun then bribes the doorman into letting her into Andrea's apartment. She threatens Andrea with the gun, but Andrea is able to convince her that Julian truly loves Zoe and no one else. The tactic works, but Zoe promises to return and kill Andrea if she has lied. She goes to Julian's house where Chrystal is preparing a romantic dinner for him. Zoe accuses Chrystal of stealing her place in Julian's heart, then shoots her in cold blood. Julian arrives and disarms Zoe until the police can arrest her, but efforts to save Chrystal are to no avail, and she dies. Though Andrea does her best to comfort him, Julian is destroyed by Chrystal's death.

Rex's surgery proves extremely successful, and soon he is walking with the assistance of a cane. When Tony is sent on a business trip to New Orleans, Ginger agrees that she and the baby will stay Rex. Meanwhile, Rex's physician Dr. Terri Martin confides to Ben that she has a dear friend who is missing-in-action in Vietnam, and he's the reason she has never married.

Eve and Heather finally arrive in Somerset. Realizing Heather is a great obstacle in her father's plans to marry Eve, Ellen overwhelms Heather with a "do your own thing" attitude. Heather's charmed, but still very negative regarding her mother's impending marriage. Heather confides to David that Eve was already in love with another man in Boston before Judge Bishop. Hearing this, Ellen tells her father who confronts Eve with the story. Eve refutes it by admitting that a man did love her, but she didn't reciprocate his feelings. She's upset with Heather for attempting to ruin her engagement, as well as Ellen who should have come to Eve privately with the accusation. When she arrives at Ben and Ellen's Valentine's Day party, Eve is physically stunned to come face-to-face with Mark and Edith Mercer. Judge Bishop's announcement that he and Eve have set a March 17th wedding date, is equally stunning to Mark. With an eye on Eve, Edith turns to her husband and hisses, "So the tramp is marrying that old man."

Most of those present infer Mark Mercer is the man in Boston to whom Heather referred. Eve admits this to Judge Bishop, swearing that she loves only him, not Mark. Disturbed by Eve's secrecy, Bishop is reluctant to continue with their wedding plans, but he eventually realizes his distrust is unfair, and the couple reconciles. Later, Mark confesses to Rex that he was Eve's late husband's roommate and always loved Eve. In fact, he wanted to divorce Edith and marry her after his friend died, but Eve refused, claiming she did not love him. Mark tells Rex that Edith cannot believe that he and Eve were never lovers.

Mark's appearance thrills Heather, who hopes his presence will cancel Eve and Judge Bishop's wedding; however, Eve informs her daughter that she doesn't love Mark and will not be driven out of Somerset by anyone. Edith promises Mark she'll make Eve's life hell on earth and begins by telling Andrea that Eve is unscrupulous, greedy, and has the morals of an alley cat. When she viciously criticizes Eve to Ellen, Ellen realizes that Mark's real problem is his wife. Andrea, on the other hand, accepts Edith's assertion that Eve is taking Judge Bishop "for a ride." When Eve tells Heather that Bishop has made arrangements for her to go boarding school in Boston, she blows up and goes to Ellen, asking if she can stay overnight.

MARCH 1974
Feeling that Heather's absence might improve her father's chances of working out wedding plans to Eve, Ellen suggests that Eve allow Heather to stay in the Grant home temporarily. After Eve agrees, Ben makes it clear to Heather that he will not allow any snide remarks about the marriage, while Ellen hopes she can be a good influence on the confused teenager.

Realizing that Edith's insinuations about her and Mark is hurting her relationship with Judge Bishop, Eve insists Mark convince him that there is nothing between them. Mark consents, informing Bishop that if Eve had loved him when her husband died, they'd be married by now. Bishop says he no longer has any suspicions and wants to marry Eve as planned. However, when Edith invites the Judge to tea, Eve angrily rails that if he accepts, their marriage is off. Bishop accepts her ultimatum then notifies their guests that the wedding has been postponed. Ellen and Ben's attention and David's willingness to spend time with Heather soften her position toward her mother's relationship, and after learning that wedding has been canceled, Heather goes to her mother, insisting she only wants Eve's happiness and had hoped her mother might need her.

Edith now insists she can prove Eve and Mark's adultery. Eve confronts her and learns Edith has a handwritten letter by Eve to Mark from the Plaza Hotel in Boston, thanking him for an evening that meant so much to her. Both Eve and Mark claim they shared a few drinks and he loaned her money for Heather's school tuition, but they did not make love. Edith refuses to believe their story and laughs that Judge Bishop won't either. Eve explains the letter to Bishop, but once he goes to Edith's to read it for himself, he cannot help but feel her suspicions might be true. Furious that Edith showed the letter to her fiancee, Eve returns to the Mercer home and angrily tells Edith that it must give her some perverse pleasure to believe she and Mark had an affair and that Edith is only Mark's wife by default, because Eve didn't want him as a husband.

Struck with the realization that she might have been wrong all along, Edith begs Mark to tell her the truth, asking if she has truly made their association into something it never was. Mark admits that he was infatuated with Eve, but it wasn't an affair. He reminds his wife Eve didn't want him that way and he never asked to be released from his marriage. Edith is horrified to see what she herself has made of all this. While the Mercers decide to attempt to rebuild their life together, Eve and Judge Bishop reach the conclusion that their relationship has deteriorated beyond repair, and they agree to end it.

David, who has been planning to leave school and travel, suggests that his grandfather accompany him. Judge Bishop, deeply touched by the gesture, considers the offer. However, his shock at Eve's outburst upon hearing he saw Edith causes him to suffer a complete exhaustive collapse, requiring several days of rest. Heather, certain her mother will be blamed for the Judge's condition, moves back home now, insisting that they must stick together now. Eve is elated at the prospect of having her daughter's love again.

Learning that his nephew Tony is looking for a house for his new family, Stan suggests he and Ginger consider leasing a cottage from his patient Hilda Benson. An astrology buff, Mrs. Benson informs the couple that she will decide whether or not to rent them only after she has first examined their astrological charts. Meanwhile, Stephanie Dillard, Mrs. Benson's companion, and house-guest Martin Nell are secretly plotting to steal the wealthy woman's fortune and aren't thrilled at the prospect of outsiders moving in. Terri notes Martin Nell's transparent fawning over Mrs. Benson and feels something isn't quite right about the situation.

Andrea is helping Julian recover from the shock of Chrystal's murder. Zoe, now in custody, is certified incurably insane, prompting Ben to tell Julian that he can divorce her. Andrea admits to Ginger that she has virtually decided to marry Julian once he gets over Chrystal's death. When Julian tells her he eventually wants to marry an interesting, unpredictable woman, Andrea implies that she's the one. However, Julian deliberately stands her up for a cocktail date, angering her. Ginger tells Andrea she'd better pull her claws in when it comes to Julian because he actually invited Eve Lawrence for a drink and wants to see her again!

APRIL 1974
When Eve brings Julian a sample fashion column she wrote, he shows it to Andrea without telling her Eve is the author. Andrea likes the column but learning Eve wrote it, she righteously insists Eve's lurid past -the ten years of misery she caused Edith Mercer- won't allow her to hire Eve as a columnist for The Somerset Register. This precipitates tremendous arguments between Julian and Andrea, compounded by Andrea's decision to hire Mark and Edith's son Greg Mercer. Julian argues that as editor of the newspaper, he should have autonomy over hiring the writers. Andrea becomes furious when she later discovers Julian has sold Eve's article to the nearby Fort Perry Argus at a higher price than the Register would have paid. However, with Ben's advice, Andrea begins to realize newspapers cannot be run by personalities. She backs down her editorial control over Julian and apologizes to Eve for rejecting the fashion column. Eve accepts the apology, asking Andrea to please consider that there might be another side to Edith's story.

Julian is pleased and proud of Andrea for apologizing to Eve, and although he continues to see Eve for cocktails, Julian admits to Andrea that he isn't in love or ready for a commitment. Andrea assures him of her devotion, but warns him that she will not sit and wait patiently as his second choice. Later, Julian confesses to Eve that he isn't sure what true love is.

Ellen confides to her friend Gretchen that something seems to be wrong at her daughter's home in Boston. Ellen's son-in-law Mitch sits silently for hours while daughter Jill refuses to discuss the situation with her parents. Ellen considers a visit.

At Somerset Hospital, Heather meets Greg Mercer on her first day as a nurse's aide. Greg has been brought to the hospital for orthopedic surgery on his knee after an injury playing lacrosse. The two hit it off immediately. Eve is distressed to see how much Greg and Heather like one another and discourages her daughter from seeing him. Likewise, Edith is disgusted by her son's interest in Eve Lawrence's daughter and threatens to throw him out of the house if he continues to see her. At Greg's request, Eve meets with him. She consents to casual dating, warning them she'll put an end to their relationship if it ever becomes serious. Mark explains the past situation with Eve, asking Greg not to see Heather for his mother's sake; however, he fails to tell his son why both mothers are so adamantly against their dating.

Hilda Benson's house-guest Martin Nell informs her he must leave in order to proceed with his work selling Florida real estate. Mrs. Benson asks him to stay and manage her farm estate Whispering Beeches instead. Ben Grant, Hilda's attorney, offers Martin $7500 a year and a power-of-attorney... up to $10,000. Martin feels such a small amount of money shows a lack of trust on Hilda's part, but he becomes very edgy when Ben tells him that a higher amount would require him to be bonded. Realizing Hilda is very rich with over 2000 acres and many blue chip stocks, Ben is leery of Martin Nell's intentions. Meanwhile, Hilda cannot understand why Martin and her paid companion Stephanie constantly fight since their astrological charts indicate they should be compatible. In private, Martin and Stephanie revel over how well their plan is working; the animosity between them has been staged, because they are secretly married and working to steal from her.

Before deciding whether Tony and Ginger can rent the cottage at Whispering Beeches, Hilda casts their astrological charts. She finds Tony's chart very upsetting, but feels Ginger's is so good it will compensate. Martin tells Stephanie his plan will work beautifully if the Coopers move in and they can keep Tony and Hilda at odds. Later, Martin intentionally disturbs Tony with stories about Hilda's interest in the occult, frightening him so much that he requests Ginger keep baby Joe away from Mrs. Benson's possible influence.

MAY 1974
Although his divorce from Zoe is nearly final, Julian feels he's not ready to be involved with another woman yet. He realizes Andrea is in love with him and wonders what she would if he wanted to marry someone else.

Heather and Greg are dating steadily and getting very serious. Edith, resentful of Mark's long infatuation with Eve, begs Greg to stop seeing Heather, while Eve violently forbids her daughter from continuing to date him, too. Following a messy situation when he drinks too much while on a date with Heather, Greg suddenly decides that he wants to go back to Amherst for graduation.

At Whispering Beeches, Martin Nell explains his plans to Stephanie. They'll skim money and kickbacks from suppliers to the Benson farm then leave in six months after robbing $50,000 from Hilda's safe. Martin and Stephanie laugh about supplying Hilda with phony birthdates so that their astrological charts would appear extremely favorable. At Hilda's insistence, Ben reluctantly gives Martin complete power-of-attorney without a bond, sparing Martin anguish he'll be uncovered as an ex-con. When Hilda later informs him she plans to include him in her will, Martin realizes the stakes have grown much bigger.

After Tony and Ginger move into the cottage, Martin is thrilled to learn Hilda finds Tony's chart frightening. He encourages Stephanie to create conflict between them, while he continues to scare Tony with insinuations that Hilda is capable of anything the charts tell her to do. Despite Tony's concern for her and Joey's safety, Ginger likes Hilda very much. Hilda warns Ginger that Thursday will be astrologically bad for Tony, and he should proceed with extreme caution. As predicted, he's driven off the road Thursday morning by a driver who doesn't stop. Although he escapes injury in the crash, his car is totaled. Tony is later upset when Ginger confesses that Hilda predicted something bad would happen on Thursday. While examining her own chart, Hilda sees signs of her own impending death, but she isn't frightened. Stephanie exploits the situation by asking her if she thinks Tony could cause her death. Martin tells Stephanie that they must use this angle to proceed with their plan, and he has a drug that will make Tony appear dead drunk when they rob Hilda.

Greg returns to Somerset and confesses that it was he who drove Tony off the road, but he didn't realize it until he heard about the accident on the radio. Tony thanks Greg for turning himself in and repaying all of the damages. Home again, Greg invites Heather on a boating weekend in Bay City, but Eve steadfastly refuses to let her go, forcing Heather to admit she'll go without her mother's permission. Panicking, Eve finally confesses to Julian that Heather is actually Mark Mercer's daughter. She explains that Ken Lawrence's family threatened to disown him when he wanted to marry Eve. Certain she'd lost him for good, Eve got drunk and ended up in bed with Mark, who had come to console her. Eve admits that she and Mark made love that time only, never before or since. A week later, she eloped with Ken, then discovered herself pregnant. When Ken learned a few years later that he was sterile, he convinced himself his sterility occurred after Heather's birth. In order to ruin Greg and Heather's weekend together, Julian send Greg on an out-of-town assignment; however, it is too late. Greg and Heather break the news to Eve that they're very much in love. Now that her marriage to Mark is going well, Edith suddenly doesn't seem to care. Eve wants to tell Greg the truth, but Julian warns it could destroy her relationship with Heather, who is so proud to be a "Lawrence."

Recently worried about new intern Warren Parker's inability to concentrate, Stan and Terri learn the reason. His wife Marian's mother, deserted by her husband, scrimped and saved to educate her daughter, expecting to be taken care of later. Warren did not get along with his mother-in-law, and he refused to let her live in his home. Since her mother died two months ago, Marian has been in a deep, manic depression. Marian violently refuses to attend Terri's party, which is a pretext for meeting her, but then shows up charming and convivial after Warren expresses her regrets for not being able to attend.

Rex asks Terri if their relationship could possibly become more serious, but she makes it clear that she's still in love with former flame Eugene Carroll who is missing-in-action in Vietnam.

Doris Heller's son has decided to move to Somerset and manage The Somerset Inn. However, his wife refuses to make the move with him.

JUNE 1974
Impetuous as usual, Andrea confronts Julian about their relationship. She's devastated when he tells her that although he likes and admires her, he simply doesn't love her enough to contemplate a future together. When she asks if he loves Eve Lawrence, he replies he doesn't know. Crushed, Andrea leaves for Paris and arranges for her cousin Kate Thornton to take over the Somerset Register as assistant manager. Kate, a young divorcee, is interested because of the job's power potential. She's impressed with the newspaper's circulation and editorials, but she reminds Julian that the publisher retains control over personnel, including his job as editor. She establishes the lines of power by deciding what jobs are hers as publisher.

At Becky's urging, Marian sees Terri professionally and reveals that Warren hates her. She blames Warren for killing her mother with a broken heart. She's shocked to learn it might be years before makes the big salary she's counting on. In one of her violent outbursts, Marian accuses Warren of trying to get rid of her like he did her mother. Terri encourages her to find a job, as stability is necessary to avoid a complete breakdown. At the hospital, Warren shares with Heather he no longer loves Marian, but he can't abandon her in her present condition.

As part of his plan to swindle Hilda, Martin casually mentions to Ben that Tony is having serious financial problems and Hilda's cash could tempt him. Ben counters by saying that since Martin became business manager, Hilda's farm costs are up 20 percent. Martin angrily denies responsibility, stating Hilda won't believe him. Aware of Hilda's vehemence against alcohol, Martin drugs Tony's beer, causing him to pass out. Hilda, believing him to be dead drunk, announces that their lease on the cottage will not be renewed. Ginger decides to visit her father Leo, while Tony stays with Rex during her absence. Martin is annoyed as this delays his robbery scheme. Learning about Tony's blackout, Stan believes it's an interaction of medicine and alcohol. He cautions Tony to follow the directions on his allergy tablets explicitly. Later, Martin encourages Hilda to believe Tony is irresponsible by telling her he had to lend Tony money. He then offers Tony a thousand dollar loan which Tony accepts, playing right into his hands.

Anxious to avoid a confrontation with her mother, Heather decides to move out in order to continue seeing Greg Mercer. Desperate, Eve stuns Mark with the news that he is Heather's father. Mark is horrified and angry, refusing to fully believe her story even after confirmation from the late Ken Lawrence's doctor. Since she vehemently objects to telling Heather she's illegitimate, Eve warns Mark to tell Greg the truth or she will. Mark is now very resentful of Eve and blames her for that night eighteen years ago. He eventually tells the whole story to a mortified Greg. Although he's still very much in love with Heather, Greg cools their relationship. He's lost all respect for his father and feels his mother should be told immediately. Brokenhearted over Greg's sudden rejection, Heather vows to uncover the reason for his apparent disinterest.

Afraid Greg will tell Edith about Heather's parentage, Mark counter-threatens to reveal the truth to Heather; however, Edith walks in and overhears the whole story. Shocked and hurt, she refuses to believe Mark just learned the truth and orders him out of their house. Blaming Greg, he decides to go straight to Heather. However, Greg tips off Eve who, with Stan and Terri's assistance, rush Heather out of town for a long weekend, giving Mark time to cool down his anger. Edith informs Mark they have no life together anymore, and she cannot stay in Somerset humiliated. She's leaving town, her love for him dead. Before departing, Edith confronts Eve, who confirms that she kept Heather's parentage a secret from Mark for eighteen years. Eve cautions Edith against ending her marriage so hastily as chances for happiness are few. Amazingly, Edith promises she'll never tell Heather that Mark is her father. Greg is amazed to learn his mother would have preferred to remain ignorant of Heather's parentage. Julian reminds Greg that Mark tried to protect Edith the same way he's trying to protect Heather, so don't judge him too harshly. Mark resigns his job at Delaney Brands to follow Edith. They both say they're leaving Somerset because Edith can't tolerate being near Eve, and there's a family crisis in Boston. Their departure together astounds Greg. They explain that other decisions between them will be made later, and they don't excuse his part in making their departure necessary.

JULY 1974
Against Terri's wishes, Stan visits Marian Parker in an attempt to help her. Marian deliberately misconstrues the visit to her husband Warren by suggesting Stan was making a pass at her. Warren then angrily confronts Stan, who is incredulous. Terri explains Marian did this deliberately. It is a symptom of her paranoia and both men should not interfere. Terri then warns Warren that his reactions feed Marian's fantasies.

Kate impulsively offers Marian a job at the "Somerset Register, despite Julian's reservations about Marian's mental instability. Later, Marian makes an outrageous pass at Greg, scaring him out of her apartment. When she lies about the incident to Warren, he doesn't bite this time and assures Greg that he knows Marian instigated it. Warren discusses the situation with Terri, stating that his wife is suffering from an illness, and as a doctor, he can't abandon her. Meanwhile, Marian confides to Kate and Terri that Warren is trying to destroy her, but she'll destroy him first to prove she's stronger. Kate finally concedes to Julian that Marian is nutty as a fruitcake.

Eve shares the truth about Heather's paternity with Ben and Ellen, who are understanding and supportive. However, Heather continues to be upset about Greg's self-imposed distance from her. Greg, who still has deep feelings for Heather, decides to remain in Somerset to pick up the pieces should Heather ever learn that he is actually her half-brother. The situation also strains Eve's relationship Julian, whom she insists would only be miserable if they were together. Eve tells him Heather is an heir to the Lawrence trust, but she would lose it if her paternity is ever made public. Julian says he will persist in his pursuit of her, though he won't play the circumspect gentleman caller forever. Growing closer to Julian, Kate presses him about his relationship with Andrea, and he replies that he simply did not love her. Kate then encourages him to break dates with Eve, approaching him from the viewpoint that they both share a belief in being unmarried and free for whatever comes along. Julian counters that the opposite could be true, and he's actually waiting for Eve. Privately, Julian is indeed falling in love with Eve, but she's afraid of the commitment love and marriage brings.

Delaney Brands and the Somerset Register agree to finance a county fair as a PR move for both businesses. As Delaney's representative, Tony agrees to accompany Kate on an overnight trip to Chicago for fair preparations, precipitating a tremendous fight between Tony and Ginger, who is leery of Kate's intentions. Tony finally gives in and cancels, but Becky reminds Ginger that as Tony's wife, she must learn to trust him and his judgment. When Kate again asks him to go on another fair-related trip, Tony agrees with Ginger's blessing.

Over Ben's objections, Hilda changes her will to include Martin Nell, whom she sees as the son she lost. Martin and Stephanie confer with fellow crook Monk about swindling Hilda. Martin then steals $50.00 from Hilda's cash and puts in the pocket of a jacket which is being returned to Tony from the cleaners. When Tony finds the money, Ginger suggests he might have unwittingly taken it while drunk. He's furious, insisting he did not. Martin tells Tony the money found in his pocket was Hilda's; it's identifiable by the serial numbers he keeps of cash on hand. Martin implies Tony took the money while drunk, and warns him to be more careful. Convinced Tony is a thief, Hilda wants to call the police, but Martin persuades her otherwise. Secure in the knowledge that Tony appears to be a drunk and thief, Martin gets a blank codicil form and fills it out exactly like the one Hilda signed; however, he changes the date and increases the bequest to himself. With a ballpoint pen, he forges Hilda's signature.

After admitting to Marian he likes Heather, Warren tells his wife he's adjusting to her again and regaining his self-confidence, prompting Marian to accuse him of having an affair with Heather. Marian stops by Terri's office, but finding she's not in, decides to see Stan instead. Marian confesses she enjoys causing Warren to make a fool of himself since she stopped loving him many years ago. Stan shocks her with the news that no-fault divorce laws in their state would allow either of them to get a divorce, but Marian is certain Warren wouldn't leave her while she's ill. Warren admits this to her, and she slaps him. However, Stan has inadvertently tape-recorded the conversation. He rejects Terri's pleas to destroy the tape. Meanwhile, Marian admires Kate Thornton's ability to manipulate men, feeling she and Kate share the same hatred for them. Through a story on the astrology booth at the fair, Marian gets close to Hilda, then startles her with the observation that Martin Nell reminds her of a cat watching a mouse.

Doris Heller finds Greg a room with Ambrose Ferguson, the town eccentric, who expresses an interest in Becky, bemusing Rex. Heather is delighted to hear Greg has a room of his own, and after she learns Eve must go to Boston on business, Heather makes plans to "play house" with Greg while her mother's away. Learning of her plans, Greg nixes the idea, reminding Heather that he wants only friendship from her. Heather throws a tantrum, demanding to know the truth, but he assuages her, and she agrees to remain the Grants' and accept him on his terms. When Heather turns her attentions to Warren, Ellen cautions her that he's a married man, and Marian could be very troublesome.

Feeling she's being unfair to Julian because something holds her back from marrying him, Eve seeks help from Terri, who counsels her to not make any decisions until she is absolutely sure. Julian warns Eve he will not play the platonic lover forever, and after an argument in which she admits she might not have feelings for him, Julian turns to Kate, asking her to hostess his pre-fair dinner party while Eve is in Boston. Kate says she doesn't want to be tied down, but when Julian admits he shares her feelings, she's skeptical. After dinner one night, Julian analyzes Kate, telling her she is insecure and must be in complete control of a man to avoid being hurt. She responds with her own philosophy: men and women make a mistake when they think the moments of joy they give one another will last forever. They spend the night together, though the very next day, she is disappointed when he declines her invitation to dinner.

Having heard from Martin about Tony's excessive drinking and borrowing money, Ben calls Tony in and asks about Hilda's stolen money, the drinking, and his debt to Martin Nell. Tony replies he doesn't know anything about the $50 stolen from Hilda, but admits he apparently passed out from an overdose of allergy medication and owes Martin $500. Ben immediately gives him the money to repay Martin, who later refuses it, claiming it's no way for "friends" to do business. Tony then mails him a certified check by registered mail. His mind ever on her fortune, Martin decides to change his plan, murder Hilda, and pin the crime on Tony, which frightens Stephanie and their accomplice Monk. They put his original robbery plan into motion, but it fails when Martin is unable to get Tony home after Ginger is tricked in to leaving the farm. Stephanie suggests he find another plan. When they case Hilda's astrology booth at the fair, Martin sits in her chair talking to Stephanie, who disappears through a flap in the tent behind the chair. This gives Martin an idea.

At the Somerset County fair, Hilda is a big hit. Taking advantage of her good mood, Martin suggests he bring Tony to see her. Hilda agrees; the charts say this will be a big day in her life, so she'll be polite to Tony. Martin then meets his prey at the Hayloft. After plying him with a couple of beers, Martin convinces Tony this would be a good time to talk to Hilda about renewing the lease on the cottage at Whispering Beaches. However, Martin has spiked Tony's beer, and when they arrive at Hilda's tent, Tony, beer in hand, is unsteady on his feet. Martin sends him into the tent alone. Hilda notices Tony's wobbly gait, accuses him of being drunk, and backs up frightened. She stops suddenly, a look of horror in eyes, screams, and falls to the ground. Heather, passing by the tent, finds Hilda's body and an unconscious Tony, who has a bloody knife in his hand. Greg immediately calls the police, while Tony is rushed to the hospital. After Stan runs tests, Tony comes around, and waiving his rights, tells Lt. Price and Sgt. Mancuso he doesn't remember going into the tent. He's taken in for questioning, and when Ben asks for his release, Lt. Price reminds him that since this is a homicide case, Tony can be held for 48 hours.

Feeling Tony's innocent, Ben intends to plead not gulity. The case against Tony appears a bit less damaging when tests reveal his thumbprint is on the wrong side of the weapon to have committed the crime. Price and Mancuso question Martin and Stephanie about Hilda's stolen money, Tony's loan of $500, and the previous incident in which Tony passed out. Monk provides an alibi for Martin, while Stephanie claims to have been at a movie. Price instructs them all to remain in Somerset as they will be called to testify when the case goes to trial. Meanwhile, Tony is charged with second-degree murder and bail is set at $50,000. Ben and Julian both speculate the DA will prosecute hard because it's an election year, and Tony is the son of a prominent citizen. Although some of Hilda's bonds are found in the Cooper cottage, Price and Mancuso feel the thumbprints, Tony's being drugged, and the position of the bodies all indicate someone else was involved in the murder.

While searching for a criminal record on Martin, Lt. Price discovers the signature on Hilda's second codicil giving Martin $250,000 is forged, and it's invalid as it wasn't properly witnessed. Price then tricks Monk into admitting Martin came to his room with blood on his shirt, saying he killed Hilda. The police release Tony and bring Martin in for questioning, but he claims Monk is lying because he thinks Martin is fooling around with his wife. When Stephanie brings him a change of clothes, he tells her the same story. He indicates the cell could be bugged and says there was a woman at Monk's apartment when he arrived, and she can corroborate his story. Later, a woman named Dolly appears at Lt. Price's office. She tells him Monk was dead drunk when Martin arrived at the apartment, neat and clean. Based on Dolly's testimony, Martin appears to be cleared of involvement in Hilda's murder.

Relations between Julian and Eve continue to deteriorate, especially after she learns he spent time with Kate while she was away in Boston. Despite his assurances he doesn't want anything from her, only to share a life with her, Eve refuses to make a commitment. Julian warns her sternly he won't wait forever.

Heather becomes worried when she hears Marian's rumors about Heather and Warren's "affair." Heather questions Warren, who assures her that no one believes his wife's rantings. Terri further confirms it when she explains to Heather that Marian is trying to punish Warren. Pushed by Marian about his relationship with Heather, Warren says he intends to file for divorce, prompting an enraged Marian to threaten to destroy both him and Heather. Failing to elicit a confession from Marian that she really hated her mother, Terri asks Stan to take her to dinner and attempt it himself.

With the assistance of the police, Tony and Greg set out to trap Martin Nell into a confession of murder. Tony regains Martin's confidence, then gradually reveals he knows Stephanie is his wife and Martin has a history of forgery. Tony invites Martin to the cottage for a beer, and with a set of pre-arranged phone calls to leave the room, gives Martin an opportunity to drug the beer. On the next call, Tony takes his beer with him and switches it with a fresh one. He drinks it in front of Martin and begins to fake the effects of chloral hydrate poisoning. With Tony apparently incapacitated, Martin details how he stabbed Hilda in the back, framed Tony, and attempted to steal the Benson fortune. As he produces a fake suicide note bearing Tony's forged signature, Lt. Price enters the room and arrests Martin.

At dinner with Stan, Marian admits she actually hated her mother and runs out. Later, in a session with Terri, she confesses she once attempted to choke her mother, but Warren interceded, and now she resents him because of it. Terri informs Warren that Marian is finally coming to terms with her hatred, and cautions him to keep his head. Warren recalls they once had a very good marriage, but when Terri wonders if he wants Marian's love again, he's unable to answer. Warren tries to get close to Marian again, though she puts him off by bringing up his alleged affair with Heather. Talking with Terri, Heather says she and Warren are good friends, and even though he's married, they still need one another. Her comments make Terri uneasy. At lunch, Warren tells Heather he wants to live again -to hold somebody, to love somebody, and have it reciprocated. Taking his hand in hers, Heather says she understands.

With Tony's case settled, Ben accepts a trip to Europe to do business for Andrea Moore. Ellen happily anticipates visiting David in Rome, and seeing Jill and Mitch, who plan to join them.

After Martin's arrest, Heather goes to Greg, professing she loves him and was very afraid for his safety. He tells Julian he has decided to tell her that he's her brother, but Julian advises him to let Eve break the news instead. When Greg gets back to his room, he finds Heather, who attempts to seduce him. He tells her to go home and make her mother admit the truth. Meanwhile, Julian has convinced Eve to do the right thing. Heather arrives home before he can leave, and with Julian's support, Eve tells Heather her father is Mark Mercer and Greg her half-brother. Stunned, Heather withdraws into silence, refusing to hear Eve's protests that she feared she'd lose her daughter. The next day Heather and Greg meet and face the facts together. After attempts to withdraw, afraid she will be the object of gossip and pity, Heather succumbs to Eve and Julian's assurances that her fears are groundless. She gathers the courage to tell Ginger about her real relationship with Greg.

Having Julian help her through the ordeal has shown Eve how much she needs him, but even with the awful secret lifted from her, she can't commit. Frustrated, Julian feels she's erecting artificial barriers between them. He makes another unsuccessful attempt to convince Eve to marry him. When Ginger and Tony throw a party to celebrate Martin Nell's capture, Julian invites Eve, asking her to spend more time on their relationship. However, she protests she needs more time. He suddenly withdraws his invitation, and tells her to call him when she's ready to make a commitment.

Greg and Heather convince Eve to go to the party as their guest, but when Julian arrives with Kate on his arm, Eve is completely humiliated and demands Greg take her home, even after Julian asks her to stay. Kate observes to Julian that Eve responded childishly; she should have remained and acted like the belle of the ball. After the party, Kate tells Julian she's willing to risk her feelings, then seduces him into bed. Eve, shaken by the events of the party, confides to Ellen her real reason for rejecting Julian: she's afraid of intimacy, afraid she doesn't know how to make love anymore.

Both Ellen and Terri advise Eve to tell Julian about her fears of making love. Having been alone for so long, Eve is terrified that she doesn't know how to respond to a man anymore, but realizes if she isn't honest soon, she'll lose Julian. Trying to help Kate understand Eve's attitude and wy he's helping her, Julian explains Eve's past, and Kate says she understands. However, Eve is furious with him, saying she's trying hard to accept things about him, but mostly about herself. Julian escorts Eve to a bon voyage party for the Grants, then begs her to stay the night since Heather is away. When Eve says she can't, he storms out. Julian runs to Kate, who also rejects him, explaining that although she does indeed love him, he was just using her as a substitute for Eve. Julian insists his relationship with Eve is over.

Terri tells Stan she's beginning to accept the fact that Gene Carroll, missing in action in Indochina, is never coming back. Stan observes that others think of them as a couple, an idea he likes, and suggests they find time to work on their relationship. Rex doesn't like the idea, but is encouraged when Terri says she'd be delighted to hear from him.

At lunch with Terri, Eve spots Kate and Julian dining together and is terribly hurt. Terri warns it will continue to be that way until she's honest with him, and she doesn't have much time. At Kate's apartment, Julian finally professes his love for her. Tom Conway interrupts with the news that Ben Grant and Mitch Farmer have been killed in a car crash in Italy, but both Ellen and Jill are fine. Eve offers to meet Ellen and Jill's plane with Julian, and he agrees. After writing Ben's obituary, Julian goes home to sleep. He is awakened by a call from Kate, who needs reassurance. Julian promises not to hurt her. Later, at the airport, he tells Eve he gave her all the time in the world, and now he's with Kate. Eve asks if Kate's really the kind of woman he wants. He replies that at least she needs him and isn't afraid to show it. When Kate suggests they go to Miami for a break, Julian tells Eve he's thinking of going away for a few days, unless she can think of a reason for him not to go. Her silence prompts him to accept Kate's suggestion. Once there, he promises he loves her, and she can feel secure forever. Kate brings up marriage, but Julian says it's not right yet. Meanwhile, Eve learns about the trip and firmly resolves to tell Julian everything when he returns.

Rex tells Tony and Ginger that Ellen is very strong and will weather the loss of her husband and son-in-law. Greg stops by the Grant home to see Jill and cautions her she must go on with her life rather than living in the past. Jill observes to Ellen that Ben and Mitch died together so she and Ellen could comfort each other.

Greg runs into Warren at O'Connor's and mentions Heather is probably in a bad mood because he had to cancel a concert date with her due to work demands. Warren asks about tickets. Greg says only scalpers have them at outrageous prices, but Warren is ignorant of modern music. Back at the hospital, Warren finds Heather and tells her he has two tickets to the concert. After he lies that Marian is working late, Heather happily agrees to go with him. Warren then phones Marian with the excuse he has to work late. She says to give her love to Heather and hangs up. However, Julian sees Marian at the Register and assigns her to cover the concert with a photographer. At intermission, Marian spots Warren and Heather together and orders the photographer to take a picture of them. She later submits it to Warren as proof of his "affair." He attempts to lie his way out of the situation by insisting a patient gave him the tickets and he took Heather as it was so late, but Marian doesn't believe him. She vows to ruin him.

His hospital work slipping, Warren decides to move out of his wife and takes a room at a small motel outside of town. Heather hears through the grapevine Warren might be fired, and feeling he needs someone to confide in, takes a taxi to the motel restaurant to meet and tell him she's still his friend. However, after another run-in with Stan, Warren asks her to meet him again, but this time, they go to his room where he makes an ugly pass at her. Heather panics and runs from the room into the rainy night. Warren starts after her, but decides to let her go. She stumbles, falls, gets up and falls again. A young man, driving by in a pickup, persuades a wet, torn, dirty Heather to get into his truck where it's warm and dry. She refuses to go back to the motel, home, or to the hospital. The young man takes her his cabin, treats her wounds, gives her dry clothing and a drink, and lets her sleep. In the morning, Heather tells him her full name, and he identifies himself as Jerry Kane. Responding to his gentleness, Heather thanks him and agrees to call her mother. Each time she calls Eve, the phone is busy, and then, as she passes out, she accidentally disconnects the phone. Jerry keeps close watch on her, finally rushing her to the hospital when she develops a high fever.

Meanwhile, Marian reaches a psychiatric breakthrough with Terri's assistance. She realizes she hated her mother and directed the anger and guilt toward Warren. She goes to see Warren, who discovers Heather has dropped her purse on the way out. He manages to conceal it from Marian. She tells him about her breakthrough in therapy and says she wants another chance. Warren informs it's too late. Greg, searching for Heather everywhere, goes to Warren's room, where Marian is still pleading her case. Greg shakes Warren up, forcing him to admit he saw Heather and made a pass at her, causing her to run out. As Greg leaves, Marian gives Warren a cold look then storms out, not saying a word.

At the hospital, Dr. Larson, the intern, asks a lot of questions, prompting Jerry to scream at him continually, demanding that he begin treatment immediately. Uneasy from Dr. Larson's questions, Jerry leaves the hospital as Heather is wheeled away, unconscious from double pneumonia and a high fever. Greg reports to Eve, and as they prepare to phone the police, Stan calls with the news that Heather is in the hospital, critically ill. Stan is suspicious about Heather's cuts, bruises, and sprained ankle, but he can't question her about them as she's now comatose.

Heather is in critical condition and not responding to antibiotic treatment of her pneumonia. Jerry calls the hospital with knowledgeable questions about her condition, mystifying Stan. When she finally begins to respond, a grateful Greg finds Jerry and thanks him for saving Heather's life. Jerry is polite, but cool. Suspecting Jerry is actually a doctor, Stan visits him, too. Jerry is evasive about being a doctor, but does comment the practice of being a doctor is futile since fate really decides who lives and who dies at critical points. On the road to recovery, Heather is delighted when Jerry finally visits her. She insists she knew he'd come. After their visit, Jerry admits to Stan that he is indeed a physician, but he warns Stan, then Greg, not to dig into his past because it's too ugly. Jerry promises Terri and Ellen that he won't ever hurt Heather because her warmth and honesty are a beacon in his overwhelming sense of darkness and futility.

Warren discovers by accident that Heather is in the hospital. He goes to Marian, asking her take him back and confessing he took Heather's overtures of friendship as love. She admits her fault in the failure of their marriage. They reconcile and face Stan together. Stan allows Warren to resign, then gives him a good recommendation to another hospital.

Vacationing in Miami, Julian rhapsodizes his good luck at finding Kate. She says her attitude about men as playthings has changed. She loves him and feels secure with him. He admits he loves her, too, and envisions her as the mother of his children. The two decide to return to Somerset. Meanwhile, Eve has been frantic through the ordeal with Heather, wanting Julian's support but refusing to contact him. She's determined to tell him everything when he comes back from Florida. Hearing he has returned, she runs to him and begins her explanation of her fears of sex, despite Julian's efforts to stop her. She ends with a declaration of her deep love for him, and begs him to take her home and make love to her. Eve is utterly devastated when Julian quietly tells her he can't... he and Kate were married in Florida!

Jill is not adjusting well to the deaths of Mitch and Ben, and rejects all invitations from old friends until Greg and Tony persuade her to have dinner at the Cooper cottage. The strained evening becomes a catastrophe when Ginger brings baby Joey in and lets Jill hold him. Jill demands Greg take her home immediately. Tony seems to be the only person who can evoke response from Jill, leading Ellen to remind her that Tony is a married man now. Ginger, also noting Jill's attachment to Tony, suggests he not become a crutch for Jill. They must help learn to stand on her own feet.

Promising to care for Heather in her absence, Ellen persuades Eve to go away and get her bearings. Kate and Julian decide to close Kate's apartment and live in his house; however, as they move her things, Kate secretly tells the manager she's keeping the apartment. All bills and problems with it are to be brought directly to her. Then, as they take out the last few boxes, Kate tells Julian she never wants to see the place again. Later, they plan a big party to celebrate their marriage. Kate reports everyone has accepted except for Jill and Ellen. Jill has declined the invitation for herself and her mother, prompting Kate to theorize it is because of Eve. Julian remarks Ellen would never be that petty. Unbeknownest to Kate, who requests he not beg Ellen to come, Julian visits Ellen, who says she has every intention of attending the party and wishes him well in his new marriage.

When Jill objects to Ellen's attending the Cannell party, Ellen assures her that she and Ben discussed each others deaths and what they wanted for each other. As hard as it might be on herself, she's going to the party. Greg tries to persuade Jill to go with him, indicating he'd like to take a greater interest in her when she's ready. Meanwhile, Julian forgets to tell Kate, and she's absolutely stunned when Ellen arrives, refusing to believe Julian didn't beg her to come. Julian visits Heather, who wishes him well in his marriage, as it's the only logical way to feel. Julian tells Ellen he hopes Kate, Eve, and he will be friends, but Ellen speculates it's too much to hope for. Kate agrees, saying as much as she loves him, an insecure part of her will never take him for granted, and she'd fight another woman like a tiger.

Ellen has decided to take a job to keep busy, and take her mind off the tragedy. Terri and Stan find her a job at the hospital as a patient relations counselor. There, Ellen meets Skipper MacKenzie, young son of the university's football coach. They agree to be friends as they like each other intuitively.

Returning from Arizona, Eve arrives full of plans for her work at Paisley's department store, a job that entails spending lots of time with Julian. Eve admits to Ellen she's still in love with Julian, and always will be, but it's a fact she must learn to accept. Julian and Kate argue about a conservation issue she wants him to soft-peddle in the Register because she doesn't want to offend advertisers. Julian is adamant that while he's editor of the newspaper, advertisers won't dictate editorial policy.

Eve decides to give a party for her boss Ned Paisley, celebrating his 20th year in the business. She invites friends, family, and business associates, including Kate and Julian. Kate refuses to go until Julian persuades her they can't risk offending Ned, one of the Register's leading advertisers. Kate doesn't like all of the time Eve and Julian are spending together, while Ellen and Tom Conway are also suspicious of Eve's motives.

Learning that Skipper MacKenzie must enter the hospital often for tests because of a congenital heart-valve defect, Ellen visits him often, and they talk about art. Ellen meets Skipper's father Scott MacKenzie, director of athletics and head football coach at Baldwin College. Scott and Skipper make it clear they want to continue seeing Ellen after Skipper's release. Ellen notes that father and son have a great deal of respect and love for each other. Scott attends Eve's party as Ellen's escort, which greatly pleases Skipper.

Stan asks Terri to accompany him to a medical convention in San Francisco. She agrees, teasingly reminding him that Julian and Kate returned from such a weekend as husband and wife. He turns pale each time she mentions marriage. While at the convention, Stan meets Dr. Hudson, the man who supervised his internship. They discuss the lack of qualified doctors, and Hudson mentions a brilliant young heart surgeon who disappeared from his staff...Jerry Kane! Back in Somerset, Stan confronts Jerry with his knowledge, but Jerry steadfastly refuses to go back into medicine. To keep Stan from taking her for granted, Terri occasionally dates Rex, who indicates he'd like to take a greater interest in her. After Eve's party, Stan takes Terri home, leaves, then returns with an engagement ring and proposes.

Upset by what he considers prying by Heather's friends and family, Jerry tells Heather he can't see her anymore, which hurts her very much. Jill encourages Heather not to accept Jerry's rejection, so she calls him, insisting she'll go to him if he refuses to see her. In reality, he's pleased and asks her to visit often. Jerry and Eve meet, agreeing to become "friendly enemies" when Eve admits she can't accept the mystery surrounding his past. However, Eve consents to Jerry's relationship with Heather, as he seems to be a positive influence on her.

Heather asks Jerry to attend Eve's party with her, but he refuses, stating he's not ready for that yet. When Heather tells Eve that she won't attend the party without him, Eve goes to see him and explains all of the traumas Heather has suffered lately. She expresses the fear that her daughter is isolating herself, which isn't good for her. Jerry understands, and after refusing again, he later decides to go. He's delighted watching Heather among friends. Jerry lets slip some things about his past to Heather, who doesn't press the issue. Jerry admits to her that he's a surgeon. Heather doesn't ask for details, promising she'll wait until he's ready to reveal more.

The presence of Heather in the house and Greg's constant attention gradually lifts Jill from depression, and she agrees to attend Eve's party with Greg, even enjoying the selection of a dress with his help. Jill tells Scott she'd like to find a job, and he hires her as his temporary secretary. Ellen and Jill hire Skipper to do odd jobs around the house. Jill thanks Greg for helping her, telling him she thinks he's a very special person.

At the party, Eve is stunning, and all eyes are on her. Jealous, Kate tells Eve in mid-party that she's shifting the Paisley account from Julian to the managing editor. Eve is furious, and calling Julian after the party, explains to him that Kate's decision is not acceptable to Paisley's. Dumbfounded because he didn't know about the change, Julian confronts Kate, who argues she was simply trying for greater efficiency. He orders her to change the decision, and after much argument, she agrees. However, Kate doesn't call Eve with news herself. When Julian meets with Eve, he's surprised to learn she hadn't spoken with Kate. Eve tells him she won't work with anyone but him. Later, Eve meets with Kate, warning that she will pull all Paisley advertising out of the Somerset Register should a similar situation ever occur again.

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