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Somerset Online
Ames, Chrystal
Cannell, Julian
Cannell, Zoe
Cooper, Rex
Cooper, Tony
Delaney, India
Delaney, Robert
Grant, Ben
Grant, Ellen
Kurtz, Ginger
Kurtz, Leo
Lawrence, Eve
Lucas, Lahoma
Lucas, Sam
Moore, Andrea
Paisley, Ned
Paisley, Vickie
Paris, Virgil
Thornton, Kate

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Dedicated to the venerable crime/mystery serial

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  Paul Sparer as Rex Cooper           PAUL SPARER

as Rex Cooper

A production manager at Delaney Brands, Rex was married to owner Jasper Delaney's dipsomaniac daughter Laura. Together, they had a son named Tony. Laura's drinking and bouts of depression frustrated Rex, who didn't understand the reason behind his wife's behavior. He was better off not knowing!

Years before, Laura had an affair with a man named Harry Wilson. Rex was stunned when his wife admitted that their son Tony had actually been fathered by Wilson. Rex forgave Laura, but an angry Tony didn't.

In 1972, Rex was paralyzed in an accident at Delaney Brands, engineered by the mob, but he recovered. The following year Laura committed suicide, and after her death, Rex had little to do. He eventually moved to California.

Rex returned to Somerset in early 1976 when Tony was hospitalized with a near-fatal heart attack. Rex managed to reunite his son and daughter-in-law, who had separated. He convinced Tony and Ginger to join him in California, where life was presumably less complicated than Somerset.

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