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Dedicated to the venerable crime/mystery serial

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Have videotapes, audio cassettes, or magazine clippings of Somerset you'd like to donate? Please e-mail me! Somerset material is very difficult to find, and I rely upon the kindness of strangers for assistance. Any donated material would be greatly appreciated!

29 JULY 2006:
Synopses for July and August 1975 are up.

13 JULY 2006:
Synopses for April, May, and June 1975 are up.

9 JULY 2006:
Coming soon, monthly synopses for 1975 through the series finale in 1976. Synopses for January, February and March 1975 are up.

23 JUNE 2002:
Detailed synopses for the year of 1974 are now online.

5 MAY 2002:
Detailed monthly story synopses for December 1972 through December 1973 are now online. SPECIAL THANKS are in order for Jim Reed, who generously shared his synopses with me! Coming soon, January and February 1974.

9 MARCH 2002:
Welcome to SOMERSET ONLINE! Once a small section of The Edge of Night Homepage, I have now expanded, updated, and redesigned my Somerset information into its own website. In the coming months, I will continue to add photos, frame grabs, articles, links, sound bytes, and many other interesting items dedicated to NBC-TV's all too shortlived daytime serial Somerset.

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