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Dedicated to the venerable crime/mystery serial

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1971-72 Opening Theme
Written by organist Chet Kingsbury, this is Somerset's second theme, commissioned after the series disassociated itself with Another World.

1971-72 Closing Theme
Chet Kingsbury's extended closing theme was presented only in an organ version.

1971-72 Bumper
Mid-break bumper used to encourage viewers to stay tuned for the second half of the program.

1972-76 Opening Theme
Somerset's third and final theme, composed by Charles Paul, existed in both an organ and fully orchestrated version.

1972-76 Bumper
Charles Paul themed mid-break bumper featuring announcer Bill Woolf.

1972-76 Closing Theme
Full cool jazz version of Charles Paul's closing theme, one of the loveliest ever composed for daytime televison.


Somerset TV Promo
This NBC-TV promo advertised the conclusion to the Andrea Moore mystery, writer Henry Slesar's most infamous Somerset storyline.

March 1973 (A)
Carter Matson attempts to reason with demented sister Zoe.

March 1973 (B)
Zoe is moved to a violent reaction.

March 1973 (C)
Andrea fears Zoe's actions have proven deadly.

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