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Dedicated to the venerable crime/mystery serial

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Acting for Life
GENE BUA and TONI BULL BUA (Steve Slade and Denny Saunders, 1976).

Bruce Gray Online
BRUCE GRAY (Warren Parker, 1974).

Presenting Veleka Gray
VELEKA GRAY (Victoria Paisley, 1975-76).

Gary Sandy: The Official Website
GARY SANDY (Randy Buchanan, 1970-72).

My Snow Angels
TINA SLOAN (Kate Thornton Cannell, 1974-76).

Holland Taylor Fansite
HOLLAND TAYLOR (Sgt. Ruth Winter, 1973).

Marie Wallace Online
MARIE WALLACE (India Delaney Hillman, 1970-72).

Mary Woronov: The Website
MARY WORONOV (Stephanie Dillard, 1974).

Somerset TV Series
Internet Movie Database listing.

Eddie Drueding's AWHP
Fansite for Somerset's parent show. Includes section devoted to Somerset.

Somerset Fan Fiction
Join Steve Ungrey's continuing story of Somerset, a contemporary version of the NBC serial which follows the travails of Susannah Lucas, daughter of Sam and Lahoma.