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  Dorothy Stinnette as Laura           DOROTHY STINNETTE

as Laura Delaney Cooper

The dipsomaniac daughter of wealthy Jasper Delaney, Laura lived in Somerset with her modest husband Rex, son Tony, and brothers Peter and Robert.

Both husband and son were mystified by Laura's bouts of morbid depression, not to mention her unfortunate affinity for gallons of liquor. But, Laura had good reason to drink. Years before, she'd had an affair with the unscrupulous Harry Wilson, a man driven out of Somerset by disapproving scion of Somerset society Jasper Delaney.

In mid-1970, Jasper was murdered. Laura's brother Robert went on trial for the crime, but in time, Laura confessed that she had shot her father in a jealous rage over a dreadful secret she'd hidden for years...son Tony had actually been fathered by Harry Wilson! Tony's subsequent rejection and the revelation that Harry Wilson was again living in Somerset under the alias Ike Harding was too much for Laura to bear. She suffered a nervous breakdown, forcing Rex to commit her to a sanitarium.

By the time Laura was released in 1971, Ike Harding had admitted that he actually killed Jasper, smothering the still breathing Delaney to death with a pillow after Laura shot him. Cleared of murder, Laura attempted to reconcile with Tony. Unfortunately, history began to repeat itself. Tony fell in love with Ginger Kurtz, daughter of shady Leo Kurtz, the front man for a powerful crime syndicate. Deeming her future daughter-in-law completely unacceptable, Laura shot her! When the police realized Ginger's assailant had used the same German luger used to shoot Jasper Delaney three years earlier, Laura turned the gun on herself and committed suicide.

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