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Somerset Online
Ames, Chrystal
Buchanan, Jessica
Buchanan, Randy
Cannell, Julian
Cannell, Zoe
Cooper, Rex
Cooper, Tony
Delaney, India
Delaney, Robert
Grant, Ben
Grant, Ellen
Kurtz, Ginger
Kurtz, Leo
Lawrence, Eve
Lucas, Lahoma
Lucas, Sam
Moore, Andrea
Paisley, Ned
Paisley, Vickie
Paris, Virgil
Thornton, Kate

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Dedicated to the venerable crime/mystery serial

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  Tina Sloan as Kate           TINA SLOAN

as Kate Thornton Cannell

A distant cousin of Andrea Moore, Kate Thornton arrived in Somerset from Providence, Rhode Island, to assume control of The Somerset Register following Andrea's departure. Deemed "The Dragon Lady" by those around her, she certainly lived up to her reputation.

Holding joint fief with arch rival Vicki Paisley as the most cool, controlled, and manipulative woman in town, Kate generally got whatever she wanted. And, what she wanted most was hunky newspaper editor Julian Cannell, whose relationship with frigid Eve Lawrence was already on tenterhooks.

Kate exploited the situation by luring Julian into the sack with lusty sex (her best weapon), then maneuvering him down aisle while on a business trip to Florida. In fact, things were going swell... until she found herself pregnant.

Well aware that sex held her marriage together, she secretly arranged for a New York abortion. Unfortunately, nasty Vicki Paisley, wanting Julian for herself, learned the truth and joyfully spilled the beans. Julian promptly gave Kate the boot. She retaliated by threatening to fire him as editor, but it was to no avail. Despondent, she made a final,desperate attempt at suicide and ended up in a mental hospital.

Ever resourceful, Kate could have easily tricked her way out of the sanitarium and returned to exact revenge, but by that time... Somerset was sadly canceled.

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