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Somerset Online
Ames, Chrystal
Buchanan, Jessica
Buchanan, Randy
Cannell, Julian
Cannell, Zoe
Cooper, Rex
Cooper, Tony
Delaney, India
Delaney, Robert
Grant, Ben
Grant, Ellen
Kurtz, Ginger
Kurtz, Leo
Lawrence, Eve
Lucas, Lahoma
Lucas, Sam
Moore, Andrea
Paisley, Ned
Paisley, Vickie
Paris, Virgil
Thornton, Kate

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Dedicated to the venerable crime/mystery serial

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Marie Wallace  as India           MARIE WALLACE

as India Bishop Delaney Hillman

The complete antithesis of her sweet sister Ellen Grant, India Bishop married Robert Delaney prior to the debut of Somerset and instantly made his life a living hell.

Spoiled, selfish, sardonic, and downright nasty, India was the most interesting woman in Somerset. With a tongue as sharp as her seldom retracted claws, she took sadistic pleasure in demeaning her weaker husband, a man she married for wealth and position.

India is comforted by Chuck when her big party is a bust

After Robert managed to extricate himself from their Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf style union in 1971, India discovered herself falling in love with Chuck Hillman, a tennis pro from the local country club. For some arcane reason, Chuck reciprocated her feelings in a way no man ever had. The two were married; however, they quickly realized the citizens of Somerset were a most unforgiving lot.

In one memorable episode, India threw a lavish party only to be disgraced when the sole attendees were her sister and brother-in-law. Later, Chuck Hillman was revealed to be a golddigger. He attempted to kill India with a candlestick to her lovely head. She survived but left town shortly thereafter in March 1972. Without India, Somerset was never quite the same.

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