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Somerset Online
Ames, Chrystal
Cannell, Julian
Cannell, Zoe
Cooper, Rex
Cooper, Tony
Delaney, India
Delaney, Robert
Grant, Ben
Grant, Ellen
Kurtz, Ginger
Kurtz, Leo
Lawrence, Eve
Lucas, Lahoma
Lucas, Sam
Moore, Andrea
Paisley, Ned
Paisley, Vickie
Paris, Virgil
Thornton, Kate

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Dedicated to the venerable crime/mystery serial

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Bibi Besch as Eve Lawrence             BIBI BESCH

as Eve Lawrence Paisley

Eve Lawrence came to Somerset in 1973 with fiance Judge Brad Bishop (ancient father of Ellen Grant) and her teenaged daughter Heather. Naturally, everyone thought Eve's intent was to get her lunch hooks on the old man's dough. However, she was a genuinely nice person who truly loved Bishop.

The arrival of Mark Mercer and wife Edith complicated matters. Edith spread vicious gossip about Eve, who once had an affair with Mark years before in Boston. Judge Bishop, disgusted by the ugly rumors, broke off their engagement and left town. Meanwhile, Eve grew strangely frantic when her daughter became attracted to Mark and Edith's son Greg. Ultimately, she was forced to tell Heather that Mark was actually her father, the result of their affair years ago.

Once that little crisis subsided, she followed all the other women in Somerset and took up with Julian Cannell. Unfortunately, their relationship ended when Eve came down with the rarest disease in Somerset...frigidity.

A year later, she grew close to Julian again after he'd divorced his bitchy new wife Kate, but by that time, Eve found herself attracted to wealthy Ned Paisley. Ned's scheming sister Vicki happily encouraged the relationship... she wanted Julian for herself!

With enough emotional baggage for a world cruise, Eve decided to leave Somerset. Vicki tipped off Ned, who raced to the airport and stopped the plane as it taxied down the runway. He begged her to marry him, and she consented. After an elaborate ceremony at his country estate, Ned whisked Eve off to sunny St. Thomas for an extended honeymoon in early 1976. It must have been a hell of a trip... the couple never came back!

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